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A trainbuild based map featuring a large underground subway and a small town on the surface.

A simple build map based around a small town with an underground subway. map features: + A small town with a few builings that you can go in + An underground subway with lots of track and tunnels + A Workable train and trailor + Track that is compatible with PHX mod train wheels so you can create your own trains. + Train spawner + A large underground build arena so you can easily work on your own trains + An adequate amount of flat grass for normal use The main train can be spawned at the train spawner yard. The train controls are as follow. [GREEN LEVER] = throttle [BLACK LEVER] = break [BLUE LEVER] = forward/reverse The buttons at either side of these open the main train doors. Feedback or requests welcome :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [BETA 2 CHANGELOG] [+] Fixed some missing models showing up as an error [+] Fixed some missing textures showing up as pink and black squares [+] Improved/simplified parts of the track and tunnels that were constantly causing trains to derail [+] Made some steep slopes less steep [+] Connected the track in the blue build room with the other side that was previously a dead end [+] Connected the dead end track on the turntable to the train spawner yard [+] Added controls to the train so it now works [+] Added a door to the cockpit in the train [+] Added controls for the turn table and the crossing barriers [+] Added the controllable train to the train spawner [+] Added more non-enterable buildings and roads [+] Added more lights/lighting in the subway tunnels [+] Added some minor detail in places



  • 7y
    moskvicha avatar
    moskvicha Offline
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    It is better to do but MAP zgradi streets and then put the zombies, etc. and be zgradite old kolperatsi and articles may enter into apartamenti shops, etc. and it will cool and if you put more than they are yellow amtomobili Moskvich and other cars!
  • 8y
    jongent123 avatar
    jongent123 Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Well since this is in "beta" u can carry on with your zombie map for my server :P


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Key Authors
Special Thanks
Making me finish it and the name
Author of rp_subtransit
The idea of the trains and tunnels.


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scorp123 Offline
Member Joined 8y

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