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RJ Training

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Rocket Jump Training

Rocket Jump - Training
Author: John "CowNaetion" Petricini
Steam/AIM: cownaetion

Version: TF2

Difficulty: Beginner - Moderate

The man who deserves the most merit is Nightman. Aside from holding my hand and teaching me how to tie my shoes, he's helped tremendously in the testing of this map,and not for him the release date would still be pushed. Following up are my other peeps ElysiumPlain, ManBearPig, Drexen, and of course, Wonderwall. Most textures were created from the author(s) of the CNCR04 texture pack, many thanks to them.


10 Beginner jumps, 8 Advanced jumps. The idea behind the map was to create an environment where new players and experienced players could converse on the same turf. The map was not designed toward experts, and instead caters to the inexperience, with the beginning jumps focusing on specific skills, and advanced jumps upping the ante. Enjoy and have fun. Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

Version 3 fix/changes:

+ All textures are now visible.

+ No particles.

+ Removed door on Beg 8.


+Dark in some areas (like near teleports).

+We need a new site to host content, FPSBanana is getting worse.

Version 2 fixes/changes:
+ Reduced the amount of models, fixing Valve's update and making the map server-friendly.

+ Redid the lighting. Couple testers think it looks better than first version, so that's a plus. The lighting isn't uniform across all the jumps. Some will be a bit brighter or more dim.

+ Fixed that stupid texture on the ledge of Adv Area 2.

+ Fixed Beginner Area 4 Part B, vertical quad-jump up a wall. Added a pool of water at the bottom of the wall, making falling damage irrelevant and less prone to dieing.

+ Removed all the doors (biggest complaint about map) except on two jumps (due to performance). Added triggers in front of remaining doors to open before reaching it, making them less obtrusive.

+ Cut the amount of particles by half ( I think I only came across one person who had a problem, and even though the particles can be turned off, just a precaution).

Known Problems/Bugs:
+ Beg Jump 4 can be done with 3 good rockets, but it's a beginner jump so that's okay for lee-way.

AIM: CowNaetion



  • 3mo
    Can't beat Level 3 of the beginner section. Apart from that, the map's nice :D
  • 3y
    LCraft303 avatar
    LCraft303 Offline
    Member Joined 3y
    > **Posted by eggz123**
    > you must be the only person on earth that thinks strafe jumping is a beginner skill

    practice will make you better.
  • 3y
    you must be the only person on earth that thinks strafe jumping is a beginner skill
  • 6y
    cownaetion avatar
    cownaetion Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    343 points Ranked 11444th
    Third Version of the map is out for the one or two people who play it. All the textures are fixed, however the particles are missing (majority of people turned these off anyhow so not too big of a deal) and in some small areas (like near teleports) it will be a bit dark due to something that changed the way I had it lit and honestly don't remember what I did specifically but it shouldn't affect gameplay. Removed the door on Beg 8, so shouldn't no draw anymore.

    EDIT: Apparently FPSBanana doesn't work most of the time for retrieving the file, so it can also be obtained from: RJ Training
    Wizard of Milk
  • 7y
    cownaetion avatar
    cownaetion Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    343 points Ranked 11444th
    Okay, second version of the map is out now.
    Wizard of Milk
  • 7y
    NOT-HIM avatar
    NOT-HIM Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Awesome map mate, would like to have some more of those, enjoyed it alot, and tbh, there are some jumps i still can't make :)

    absolutly good! :>
  • 7y
    cownaetion avatar
    cownaetion Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    343 points Ranked 11444th
    Gentleman, ladies (doubt it), thanks to everyone whose at least tried it. Whether you like it or not I appreciate your time. Next map is going to be designed toward the dedicated and experienced jumpers. No hand holding, no beginner jumps, nothing old.

    The concept is going in a different direction, and for this the map will only be posted in a few places so I don't expect much activity. This map will be more of like a 'thank you' to the dedicated jumping crowd. Gentleman, I salute and shall see you next year.
    Wizard of Milk
  • 7y
    LeXeR avatar
    LeXeR Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    Very nice map :)
    TF2 Jumping
  • 7y
    ManBearPiig avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    360 points Ranked 10999th
    Pros: Amazing map.
    Efficiently detailed and designed to guide players through the map, not to say it isnt very nice to look at too;)
    The difficulty progression is very well balanced through the map and there's plenty of skills to practise and improve on for both beginners and experienced jumpers.
    The little details add alot of character to the map; the hint boxes for each jump and teleports to and from each jump really make the map stand out.

    Cons: Can't say there's anything wrong with the map as such. If i was going to nit-pick i'd say lighting could be done a little better, there's some dark unappealing shadows on the roof's, and the dark areas can contrast poorly with the white light textures on the walls, though the main area's of the map are well lit so it's nothing to worry about.

    Improvements: Lighting's the only thing that needs any kind of improving here, a little more ambient light would be nice.

    Notes: Thanks for making this map! It's definatly going to be a favourite for a long time:)


    Half man, half bear and half p
  • 7y
    w33dskiLL avatar
    w33dskiLL Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Nice one :) let the games beginn :)


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cownaetion avatar
cownaetion Offline
Member Joined 10y
343 points Ranked 11444th

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