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a good big map that you can play with a few easter eggs

Map by Bigwig Instructions: Extract gm_atomic folder to garrysmod\addons. Special thanks to Garry and Gaben and all the goons on Goonie Goon Gune and my playtesters and Jesus and Allah and my Parents and my rabbit Clarence and Buddha and the Sun



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  • 3y
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    ANTONlO Offline
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    Fallout New Vegas
    You post I post.
  • 7y
    SGC BSSaar avatar
    SGC BSSaar Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    Holy cow! :P It looks like the movie: "The Book of Eli". Very nice job.
  • 7y
    Mark_K avatar
    Mark_K Offline
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    Awesome map. Looks like something Fallout would have.
  • 7y
    roxter avatar
    roxter Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    One of the best maps made.


    Homo. avatar
  • 7y
    EtoX avatar
    EtoX Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    nice description^^

    nice map:)
  • 7y
    ::::Joe:::: avatar
    Member Joined 7y
    Improvements: Need to create .wav file for us


  • 8y
    Nobodi99 avatar
    Nobodi99 Offline
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    134 points Ranked 23089th
    Do anybody knows where I can get the textures which are used in this map? 4ever
  • 8y
    The Church avatar
    The Church Offline
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    408 points Ranked 10206th
    Do you even know how late you are?
  • 8y
    LCplScott avatar
    LCplScott Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Lol, the developers of the map looks like they got bored or tired, cause some places are unfinished and flat, and i warn you you will have to have a GREAT pc if you want to have this map properly working. if u have a bad graphics card the map floor or the ground will be turned into black and tan squares :D

    anyway, i remember when i played the Fallout 3 mod for gmod on this map. Epic Days!


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    Ah i remember my gmod days when i got this off

    Great map, love it. Apart from when you spawn NPCs they drop halfway through the floor in some areas...

    And this map WILL lag you if your computer isn't too great.

    Purely because of it's size and epic nature :)
    FPSBananna's Resident Jesus. avatar
    FPSBananna's Resident Jesus.
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