Option to delete/forward private messages

Would be nice to have this feature back. Both being able to physically delete the private message or simply remove yourself if you still want to have it in your inbox, but not get notified of new replies.

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    2 years ago:

    The entire fact that someone got banned for replying to a PM was ridiculous since this feature is absent. You can't tell someone not to post in a public domain, then ban them when no one has a way out.

    I'm still annoyed with that decision - if this feature was present, then everyone could have been happy.

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    VP Marketing & Research
    2 years ago:

    I would also love the ability to mark a PM as "Read Later" / "Remind me" [or similar] as I often check the site from my phone or mobile terminal and am unable to deal with a request instantly.

    I always forget things unless I write things down or set a reminder.

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