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I was like, uh, kind of dislike the current rating system now. It allows people to spam low ratings on their rivals/enemies' submissions freely.

Even though we're able to remove unjustified ratings, however, I don't think that's enough. People can still spam with alternative accounts or asking for reinforcements to spam a submission's ratings.

Here's my idea: The layout design remains the same. Here's something that will change the rating system:

If people are able to submit a 1-9 rating, they must leave a comment first before rating it. Why? There must be some reason for their ratings, maybe the submission contained some bugs... who knows? That's why IMO 1-9 ratings must have a proper feedback.

For the feedback, it should has at least 10 letters and maximum of 1000 letters(who knows if you're a judgmental bastard lol).

As for 10 rating, I guess it's pretty much optional to post a comment since 10 means perfect(for me), people can still comment with the rating of 10 of course.

And lastly, about the newbies these days. I've noticed that newbies these days joined are just here to spam ratings, maybe, but not all. What if I suggest that newbies can only begin rating a submission right after 2 weeks they joined here?

I guess this is one of the way to prevent people from spamming ratings on a submission, but it might bug out some of the members here(Even me).

Still, I can detect a load of disapproval will be coming to this idea :(


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23 days ago
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23 days ago
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24 days ago
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26 days ago
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26 days ago
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26 days ago
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27 days ago
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27 days ago


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    22 days ago:
    There are very few "perfect" skins or maps - that is a subjective term, also. We don't want people throwing out 10's like candy - they will skew the rating system as much as low ratings do. But I agree we should have some kind of required comment mechanism.
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    24 days ago:
    I've got to say no to this idea. 

    If someone wants to rate your submission low then writing a comment is not a problem there. This will only give an additional burden for mods, because there will be no unjustified ratings left.

    Other thing that I don't like is setting a max characters limit for feedback. This should never be done, because could be explained in detail for some feedbacks. Some or even all of my exemplified feedbacks take more than 1000 letters (I can't really find those comments to know exact number). Even this comment consists of 909 characters.

    Also, I'm not a fan of all ratings except for 10/10 should be explained. 10/10 should not be excluded. If person needs to explain what's lacking in 9/10, then person should explain why submission is perfect too. If idea helps to avoid "enemies" ratings spamming, then idea leaves a gap for friends ratings spamming.

    I hope this explains.
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