More Ripe features

This is a Idea submitted by natko.

More Ripe features

Several old features that were nice:

  • Ripe only forums
  • More customization (less restricted HTML in profile template, posts, etc.)
  • Custom online/offline indicators (I know this was for everyone before, but I liked having the ability the change them)
  • Points with new Ripe subscriptions
  • Blogs
  • User blocking
  • Buddy birthday reminders
  • **etc**!
  • I probably left some out, but those were the ones I could think of. Have any new features you'd like to see? Post below and I'll add them to the list!


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      4 years ago:

      Ripe only forum.. i disagree, people who cant buy ripe will be left out. and may even be unseen with important posts.

      user blocking? everyone would want to buy ripe then XD

      I do absolutely nothing...


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