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More names added #6
  • Added more names, check description for details
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More names added #5
  • Check the description for more details.
You may notice a lot of pokemon names in this update. If you're wondering where they're from it's here:
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Here is a nameplate pack. (It has more than Princess shroob, I used that for an example because I didn't feel like uploading more pics)

There might be some nameplates in here that already exist somewhere else, and if so, oh well. If I couldn't find it (of if I did and didn't like it), I made it. I used the very helpful automatic nameplate generator that can be found here: and if you need help installing them look here:

I would link to the mods that the various nameplates go to, but some are taken down, others were never here in the first place. One way or another I got the mod and felt it needed a nameplate and couldn't find one so I made it.

For now I am taking requests, but if I can find a nameplate in smash 4 style that already exists for the character I won't make it In this case I'll point you in the direction of where it is or give you a copy if I can't find where it came from.

Here is a list of all the nameplates and who they are for (but this can be easily changed by changing the name of the file):

Banjo & Kazooie - Mario

Beast Boy - Luigi

Bob-omb - Kirby

Bomberman - Mario

Chell - Wii Fit Trainer

Ciel - Cloud

D.Va - Zero suit samus

Elecman - Megaman

God Eater-chan - Cloud

Guts - Ike

Kuriboh - Jigglypuff

Levi - Cloud

Lilac - Sonic

Mach rider - Captain Falcon

Makise Kurisu - Robin

Metal Shadow - Sonic

Mr.Krabs - Wario

Ms. Pacman - Pacman

Nana - Villager

Papyrus - Marth

Phoenix Wright - Captain Falcon

Pichu - Pikachu

Pokey - Villager

Popo - Villager

Princess Shroob - Peach

Ristar - Sonic

Ryuko - Lucina

Shadow - Sonic

Shantae - Wii Fit Trainer

Sheen - Lucas

Snake - Ike

Spongebob - Lucas

Squall - Marth

T.Cyrix - Marth

Weavel - Samus

Wesker - Captain Falcon

Zero - Roy

Zombie - Link

More nameplates added update 1:

Blood falcon - Captain Falcon

King K. Rool - Bowser

Lou Pickles - Charizard

Mega Charizard X - Charizard

Mewoser Jr. - Bowser Jr

More nameplates added update 2:

Boo - Kirby

Gamma - Ganondorf

Goomba - Kirby

Mr. Saturn - Jigglypuff

Ryo - Ike

Tardis - Bayonetta

The loaf - Jigglypuff

More nameplates added update 3:

Gon Freecs - Little Mac

Karas - Lucina

Magolor - Luigi

Mr. Bones - Luigi
(The skin says Skullivan but I prefer to use cannon names so I made this)

Pumpkin Head - Mario

Stella - Lucina

More nameplates added update 4:

Aurora - Rosalina

Blake - Zss

Colonel Radec - Samus

Guilmon - Lucario

Natsu - Roy

Ratchet - Falco

Reckless Safety Man - Wii Fit Trainer

Rose - Rosalina

Uncle Grandpa - Villager

Vegetto - Captain Falcon

Waddle Doo - Jigglypuff

Warioman - Wario

Zen-Oh - Ness

Zero Suit Ridley - Zss

More nameplates added update 5:

Abomasnow - Dedede

Azumarill - Kirby

Banned - Cloud

Beedrill - Dark Pit

Bisharp - Sheik

Braixen - Palutena

Captain Toad - Dr. Mario

Chandelure - R.O.B

Chesnaught - Bowser

Decidueye - Pit

Deoxys - Shulk

Diancie - Rosalina

Dr. Eggman - Ganondorf

Farfetch'd - Villager

Gallade - Roy

Genesect - Samus

Golduck - Falco

Heracross - Dr. Mario

Hoopa - Ness

Lana - Zelda

Marowak - Toon Link

Mew - Lucas

Ninjask - Meta Knight

Scrafty - Luigi

Scyther - Cloud

Sneasel - Fox

Weiss - Marth

More nameplates added update 6:

Bandana Dee - Kirby

Beerus - Lucario

Billy Hatcher - Luigi

Blanc - Ike

Boxer Donkey Kong - DK

Concept Art Meta Knight - Meta Knight

Cordelia - Lucina

Delphox - Palutena

Fighting Polygon - Mario

Fighting Polygon Team - Mario

Fighting Polygon Team Captain Falcon - Captain Falcon

Fighting Polygon Team Jigglypuff - Jigglypuff

Fighting Polygon Team Kirby - Kirby

Fighting Polygon Team Mario - Mario

Fighting Wire Frame - Zelda

Ghost Rider - Captain Falcon

Groudon - Bowser

Hector - Ike

Hoodie Donkey Kong - DK

Inkling - Fox

Juane - Link

Malon - Zelda

Melee Peach - Peach

Melee Roy - Roy

Meloetta - Rosalina

Nora - Ike

Possessed Zelda - Zelda

Ren - Falco

Ruby - Dark Pit

Saria - Zelda

Tetra - Toon Link

Tharja - Lucina

Weavile - Fox

Yugi - Robin

Zoroark - Lucario



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