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L4D1 Style Survivor Icons

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Recreated l4d2 survivor hud icons with the l4d1 profile style hud icons

Four l4d1 styled survivor hud icons for Left 4 Dead 2. This pack mods the small hud icons of each survivor located at the bottom of the screen. Best made to suit the l4d1 profile style of each survivor.

All was made and edited by myself. Be aware that the icons do not fit entirely into the boxes they overlap. I do not know how to fix this but it'll be the only buggy part of this mod (small black bar on the right of each icon).


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    5 years ago:

    - A good alternative to the original icons
    - Nick and Ellis' pictures are well done


    - Looks pixelated on lower settings
    - Rochelle looks a little weird.


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    5 years ago:
    This looks so cool!


    Oatmeal, are you crazy?!
  • a_fine_mentlegen avatar
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    5 years ago:
    Rochelle's neck looks a little too thin. other than that, wonderful job, as always.


    I'm back from the dead
  • LolzMan1325 avatar
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    5 years ago:
    You should make L4D2 Style Icons for L4D1.

    You know, because it'll be awesome.
    Making Life Awesome Everyday
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    5 years ago:
    Amazing!! Definitely using this from now on :D


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Date Added
5 years ago
Oct 20 2011 @ 1:58am UTC
Date Updated
5 years ago
Oct 20 2011 @ 1:58am UTC


9.9/10 by 7 raters

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