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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Banner

Quake Wars will Feature a new technology known as Megatexture using one big texture to cover the map. Read on MegaTexture is a texturing technique, developed by John Carmack at id Software, which is used in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars that promises to eliminate common texture bugs and glitches found in previous games. This technology will allow maps to be totally unique, without any repeated terrain tiles. Battlefields are rendered to the horizon without any fogging, with over a square mile of terrain at inch-level detail, while also providing terrain type detail that defines such factors as bullet hit effects, vehicle traction, sound effects, and so on. Each megatexture is derived from a vast 32768 x 32768 pixel (1024 megapixel) image, which, while taking up around 6GB in its raw form, can be compressed to take up only 8mb of video ram.


ID software Splash Damage
Id software, Splash Damage
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