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Zombie Panic: Source Banner

This mod was among the first of mods to be released for download over steam and has been distributed over steam ever since. The basic idea of the Zombie Panic is to create solid game play that is based on a classic zombie outbreak scenario, the living dead are coming for the last remaining humans, and these survivors must fight them off and live through the day.


Name Role Twilight Modification Leader Tatsur0 Coordinator, Texture Artist, PR Kezei Coordinator, Level Designer Frikazoyd Coordinator, Lead Programmer Knights Lead Level Designer Klam Level Designer MapMan Level Designer Salus Sound Designer KillahMo Sound Designer DraggonArtist Lead Modeller Talon Modeller Wnn Modeller Zimm Lead Animator Swolf Animator HZG Lead Texture Artist SickDeathFiend Lead Concept Artist SuperNubb Playtesting Lead, Community Manager Hastings Assistant Playtesting Lead, Community Manager Marine Eater Web Admin
ZP team
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