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Giving Smash Some Love: Community Balance Project

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Kirby is complete!
  • Side B changes to match Hammer Bash
  • Hammer Bash (Aerial, Hit 2) Angle: 75/75 -> 45/45
  • Hammer Bash (Aerial, Hit 2) Damage: 15/17 -> 12/14
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  • Added Zelda's fighter params that were missing in the unpacked version.
Also uploaded some gameplay footage.
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I was thinking to myself how weird and difficult it would be if someone wanted to use two of my mods at the same time, so I decided to combined everything and make it a modpack that I will update as time goes on with different character balance patches.

Right now the current characters are:
Kirby (almost complete) Complete!
Ganondorf (Semi complete)

Here is a document that I will be keeping all of my changes logged on:

Other than characters, this mod also sets the default settings to 2 stocks 6 minutes for convenience.

For those of you who don't want all of these character changes, or want to see the game files for yourself, there is an unpacked version of this mod which will be under the additional downloads tab. For the others that just want to jump in with everything and not build the modpack yourself there is the packed version as the main download. Both of these will have a little bit of instructions that tell you what to do for each one.

Also, this isn't called the Community Balance Patch for nothing. If you have any suggestions at all come join my discord and I will gladly discuss changes that you would like for certain characters!
This discord has a text channel for every character so conversations won't get cluttered and the topic can always be focused on. I post updates and information on this before I publish something on Gamebanana so if you want to know what I am doing, or contribute come on and join! There is also a custom character tab for projects that can be started after the msbsc files get figured out.

A big thank you to Valhalen for creating the new logo! Make sure to check him out!



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    I just finished up working on Kirby's Side B. I had to scrap the other plan that I was going to do with Zrksyd because of coding difficulties that were transitioning from aerial Side B to grounded Side B and vise versa. I plan on touching up on this again in the future and figuring everything out about what went wrong, but for right now I am going to keep things simple, efficient, and smooth. I need to get onto finishing Ganondorf before I go onto my next characters, DDD and Falco!
    Not that great at Smash Bros
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    If you downloaded this modpack, sorry I forgot to put Zelda's fighter param file in the unpacked version:
    Here is the link to the single file so you don't have to re-download the unpacked version again.
    Not that great at Smash Bros
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    Maybe a better name could be:
    "Giving Smash Bros. Some Love: The Community Balance Project"
    I could even make a logo of that for you, when I have some free time.
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Doing the stuff with the things


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