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Hitbox Visualization / Training Modpack v2

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Version 2.1
  • Works on 1.1.7! Huge update due to Sammi-Husky's Sm4sh-Tools being awesome, fixing a bunch of bugs.
  • Ryu completely finished
  • Miis completely finished (I didn't test non-1111, but they should work)
  • Cloud completely finished
  • Robin completely finished
  • There aren't many fixes to be added for character-specific bugs! i will likely work on other things like hitstun and throwable items
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About recent game/system updates
  • I'm dumb. New update coming soon, will have to playtest on 1.1.6 and 1.1.7.
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This is the first full release of the training modpack for hitbox and lag visualization! This works in-game, which means you can practice with it in matches, in training, and while watching replays! The original work was started by Meshima on this site, and I have sought to finish it by applying the mods to all characters! The only characters that are currently unsupported are the three Mii fighters, who will be added.

Firstly, let's get acquainted with what all the colors and everything mean (the gifs following show realtime, then slowed down):


Yellow->Red: Normal hitboxes. Yellow means very low damage, orange and colors in between mean damage increasing as the color gets redder, and any hitbox that does 15 or more damage is completely red. This helps with visualizing sour and sweetspots.
Examples: Falcon knee:
Peach nair:

Magenta: Spike hitboxes. Pretty straightforward. Note that some multihit moves have spike-like hitboxes just for linking purposes, so they may never spike. (Check out Pikachu's fair, it's beautiful!! ZSS upsmash is another example.)
DK down and side b:

White: Windboxes. 
Ganon uptilt:

Cyan: Detectors for grabs (like Falcon/Ganon up b, Diddy side b) or hitboxes (like Peach side b).
Peach side b:

Green: Grabs. Standing, dash, and pivot.
Peach pivot and dash grabs:

Blue SuperScopeBullet: Partial intangibility. See Sheik/Peach/Mac/Mario/.... upsmash, DK's tilts.
Peach up smash:

Overlays: (for states) This is likely one of the most useful parts of the modpack, and luckily, there are no large bugs like the ones encountered with hitboxes (described further below)!

Blue: Intangibility. Very important for ledge getups and escape options (rolls, spotdodge, airdodge, missed tech options, and jablock getup. Footstool combos!)

Green: Frames where the player is not active but vulnerable. This is when you can punish! This applies for the two-frame on the ledge as well as landing lag from aerials so far. 

Jumpsquat + Airdodge:
Landing lag:
Missed tech:
Grounded footstool:
Ledge two frame:
Ledge getup:
Ledge roll + shield drop:
Ledge jump:
Ledge attack:
Purple: Armor. Either heavy or super.
Roy up b:
Red: Counter frames. (not all counters are currently shown)
Roy down b:
Orange: The spin animation! Starts a bit late but does work!
Pikachu downtilt jablock confirm:

One VERY important thing to note about this modpack is that NOT ALL MOVES are visualized in this mod. This is due to a bug that unfortunately seems to be unfixable as of now, which has to do with stretched bones. The game attaches hitboxes to "bones" on the character models, and when animations stretch the bones, the hitboxes stretch as well, giving a false impression of their actual size. These hitboxes were not visualized, and therefore those moves appear as in vanilla 1.1.6. Below is a general overview of which characters are affected; a full list is in a README included in the download.

Characters that are essentially perfect (35):

Donkey Kong
Little Mac
Zelda (no side b or down b yet) 
Toon Link
Samus (no neutral b)
Zero Suit Samus
Marth (intangibility on up b not shown yet)
King Dedede
Wii Fit Trainer
Dark Pit
Lucina (intangibility on up b not shown yet)
Mega Man
Mii Swordfighter
Mii Gunner

Characters with some fixable bugs (1):
Duck Hunt (Neutral B and Side B)

Characters with very few stretched bone issues (15):
Bowser Jr. (ftilt, dtilt)
Wario (tilts, upair)
Diddy Kong (jab 1 and 2, dtilt, fair, bair)
Mr. Game And Watch (dtilt)
Meta Knight (dash attack)
Fox (dtilt, shine)
Falco (dtilt)
Charizard (jab 1 and 2, fair, bair, upair)
R.O.B. (uptilt)
Ness (jab 1 and 2, ftilt, dtilt, nair)
Captain Falcon (jab 1 and 2)
Villager (jab 1 and 2)
Pac-Man (jabs, ftilt, fair, bair, upair)
Sonic (jab 2, dtilt, uptilt, fsmash)
Lucas (jabs, fair)

Characters with major stretched bone issues (7):
Mario (jabs, tilts, fair, bair, upair)
Yoshi (tilts, upair, grab)
Rosalina (just Luma: jab 3, tilts, aerials except upair)
Kirby (tilts, fsmash, upsmash, upair)
Jigglypuff (tilts, smashes, upair)
Dr. Mario (jabs, tilts, fair, bair, upair)
Mii Brawler (dtilt, ftilt, fsmash, bair, upair, fair)

There are still many things that may be fixed, so I will update the modpack as I can.

Please enjoy! Follow me @jugeeya_cobbler on Twitter for updates on this, and DM/tweet me there if you find bugs not yet mentioned.



Fix characters with fixable bugs
Attempt to fix bone issue
Add Miis


  • 19hr
    wait, is it ONLY when you go to training or is it throughout the whole gane? itde be pretty cool if it only showed through training lol
  • 3d
    Claus___ avatar
    Claus___ Offline
    Member Joined 12mo
    131 points Ranked 23611st
    If u haven't updated yet cause of the wiiu update just use this guide its a work around
    Toon link fag
  • 3d
    Odd 0ne avatar
    Odd 0ne Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    306 points Ranked 12860th
    Hey, I'm currently using your work right now on 1.1.7 and it works since there was not any balance patches to the game. I also got the patch without updating my wii u. I'll post a tweet that helped me accomplish this here:
    Great Mod btw! It really helps me out
    Edgy Fantasy
  • 3d
    AoM avatar
    AoM Offline
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    Shouldn't you be able to use UWizard or something similar to get the patch?
    Thar be snow. Oh, wait. I mean avatar
    Thar be snow. Oh, wait. I mean
  • 3d
    playback avatar
    playback Offline
    Member Joined 3d
    with 5.5.1 using 1.1.7. the mods freeze at the wii u loading screen to sm4sh. i deleted all files on my sd card and downloaded it again from here. i still have freeze worked fine on 1.1.6

    also, corrin neutral b has bug that makes game freeze
  • 7d
    RedYoshiKid avatar
    Member Joined 11mo
    Is there any chance we can see an update where we can toggle these on and off or something?
  • 7d
    RainySky avatar
    RainySky Offline
    Member Joined 7mo
    179 points Ranked 18809th
    Holy crap. The modpack I didn't know I needed.

    Thank you so much!
    • Agree x 1
  • 7d
    RedYoshiKid avatar
    Member Joined 11mo
    Is this able to be switched or toggled on and off or will it always show in matches? 
  • 8d
    This just keeps getting better and better, good job!
    Just a Modder
  • 8d
    Sol Diem avatar
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    I have to say dude, I'm really impressed with what you've done. Good job. Keep up the great work
    OmniDrive Incarnate avatar
    OmniDrive Incarnate


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