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Lets Cut Things Short A lil.                                 

My First Expert Mission (Hell Fire is More Of A Cluster F#@%)    

The Mission Might Have Balance Issues But I wanted it to be based on somewhat Skill



Fix The OPness


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    You have two defined instances for a Sentry Buster, why exactly?

    You also have Support 1 Wavespawns that have laughably high values as their Totalcount (not that it matters since Support 1 doesn't stop spawning should they hit their Totalcount)

    Wave 3: Just what the fuck. The Soldier-medics congregation has a Totalcount of 264. The entirety of Wave 3 and 4 sound like waves that are going to take forever just because of the sheer numbers that the bots have.

    I will not even address that Wave 4 looks like this one wave is probably going to take as long as a single run of Ghost Town would take.

    Kinda feels like you're just spamming giants and crits on a really small map and using Expert mode to justify doing so.
    Some guy from Southern Finland


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