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For NA version of the game.

Ike has returned to the battlefield with a brand new moveset! A much more aggressive playstyle with heavy shield pressure and incredible punish game.

All comments and reviews are welcome!



  • 15d
    Click bait on the picture, what I got from it is that you changed his Down B. But you just did some damage and defensive Buffs. Other than that it's actually really good.

    But please, don't clickbait again,
    I'm not saying you're stupid,
    It's an advice.
  • 28d
    Ruther avatar
    Ruther Offline
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    I really enjoy this mod and it's animations but I have a few problems with it.

    His forward air takes an extremely long time to come out and only kills if you get a very specific hitbox on startup.

    Most the hitbox's on his moves have barely any knockback or hitstun.

    His uptilt could be just slightly faster overall.

    Forward smash and sidetilt are both a little awkward, idk what's up with them but they fill.... weird.

    His counter doesn't actually hit opponents up close
    Overall though this mod is very cool and I like the idea.

    (an example that can help you is the declone edit for ganon, where his moves take a very long time to come out, but have high kill power and far range with low endlag.)
  • 1mo
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    Props to you for being so creative with your mods. I never knew how well shulk's animations goes over lke


  • 1mo
    MGbrad avatar
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    Said it already but with these effects and animations we have the potential to make characters like SSF2 Ichigo and Waluigi with there own movesets


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Super HYPE Bros.
Moveset and effect scripting
Aliga7 Offline
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Animation editing/Original concept


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