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  • Added a new noise for the Nagant Revolver, Ilona's alternate secondary. Expect a new M1 Garand sound, too. Given that I also need to rework the PING (It's harder than it sounds, no pun intended), it's going to be a little while before that update.
  • Added an alternate download to the main page; You are now able to download the original sounds.
  • According to some feedback, the Desma sound is still static. Just reuploaded the .zip file again, just to make sure everything works
Greetings! This is Euridious. If you have found my Steam Page, or if you're wandering GameBanana to find some mods for Dino D-Day, then congrats! You've come to the right place. In my page, I've put together a soundpack that overwrites existing sound files. In other words, most of the weapons sound a lot better. The changed weapons are as follows:

- M1 Carbine
- M1911 Colt .45
- M1A1 Thompson
- M3A1 Grease gun
- M1897 Trench gun
- Mosin Nagant
- Tokarev (Same as M1911)
- Nagant Revolver
- STEN mk. 2
- Walther P38
- Flechette Gun
- M1919 Browning (Trigger's .30 Cal)

- Mauser K98
- MP40
- STG-44
- MG34
- Flak 30
- MG42 turrets (found on certain maps, and on the T-Rex)
- P08 Luger
- Explosion noises

It may take a bit of time to adjust to the new noises, but they're a lot more distinct, a tad louder, and a Hell of a lot more badass. With that said, download the pack, read the download instructions, and go dominate some Nazi dinosaurs! 

Do note that if you don't want a specific gun noise, then feel free to delete it from your download. It won't make much difference, but you'll get to keep the default gun noise. There's also a download for the original files, so feel free to use it if you need to.

Like with all soundpacks, it may take a while to get adjusted with the new gun noises. I reccomend you test out the new noises on your own, in a custom game, or in Last Stand. Don't forget to contact me on Steam, and let me know if you're finding bugs in the soundpack! My job is to make your experience on Dino D-Day better, and I therefore want to make sure everything works.

The updated sounds are re-arranged DDD gun sounds, and those from CoD Ghosts, MW3, and Black Ops. The sounds from the previous three games are from Activision, Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, and other studios responsible for said games. I don't own them, nor do I claim that I do, all I did was edit them and put them into this soundkit. With that said, enjoy!


  • ddd_sound_replacement_a2a94.zip
  • ddd_original_sounds.zip (4 mb) If you want rid of the new sounds, then feel free to download this. It's the exact same process :D


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