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Heavily Buffed Jigglypuff

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might actually be S-tier or something

Very few flaws remain. More strengths emerge. 

Jumpsquat to 3

Shield Break Velocity to 33

Shield Size to 10

Weight to 75

Max Walk to 0.8

Max Run to 1.5

Air Acceleration to 0.1

Air Deceleration to 0.07

Boosted base knockback of Dash Attack to 0x24 early and 0x1B late

Increased F-tilt hitbox sizes to 4, and added an additional one at y-3 and x=3

Increased U-tilt hitbox sizes by 1 each, so to 5 and 6.5

Decreased startup of D-tilt to 8

Set frame duration of Forward Smash to 0.8 at frame 6

Increased size of Up-smash hitboxes by 1 each, so to 5.8 and 8.2

Increased size of Down-smash hitboxes by 2 each, so to 6.8 and 7.76

Increased knockback growth of Back-air to 0x80

Increased size of Up-air hitboxes by 1 each, so to 5 and 4.

Down-air final hit given flower effect

Down-air landing lag reduced to 15

Standard and turn grab size increased to 5.5

Dash Grab size increased to 4.8

Up Throw knockback growth increased all the way to 0x45

Down-throw knockback growth to 0x3, base to 0x59

Pound frame duration set to 0.75, similar change to its customs

Pound shield damage increased all the way to 0x44

Sideways Pound damage increased to 11

Rest Shield Damage set to all the way to 0xFF (!)




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made the mod


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rejnka Offline
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