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Ganondorf Balance Patch

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A Ganondorf update to put him in high tier. This is subject to change depending on the feedback from you all. Speaking of which... Try it out and tell me how you think this mod is!

Currently there seems to be a bug when you Up-B Robin, it leaves a Nosferatu behind permanently. I'll make sure to check into what causes this at a later time.

I made the mistake of not recording all the changes I made to this
Ganondorf in exact detail, but here are some rough estimates on what the
changes are like:

-run speed increased to 1.4
-walk speed increased to 1~
-initial dash speed increased to match with the run speed increase
-air speed increased to 0.98~
-primary and secondary jump power increased slightly
-landing lag on all aerials reduced slightly
-all moves have been given shadow property SO YOU CAN SWAG ON YOUR ENEMIES EVEN HARDER
-standing, dashing, and pivot grab range increased
-up-tilt now takes about 35~ frames to complete and does around 10 less damage on every hitbox
-down-tilt now has a very low base knockback and low knockback growth
-jab now comes out on either frame 3 or 4
-up-air now sends at 30 degrees on all hitboxes
-f-air now has increased hitlag (this wasn't necessary, but it makes the hit feel as strong as it it)
-d-air now has increased hitlag as to make up for the move losing its electricity property.

might be some other changes that I'm forgetting, but this is pretty
much the jist of it. Also, once I figure out how to change animations
and the such, I'm going to turn the flames from his up-tilt purple to
match with the shadow effects on his other moves.



Fix the nosferatu bug as well as getting an actual changelist on this damn post


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    I thought about that when changing his up-air, but the angles that it sent at were 361 on the early hit, 30 on the normal hit, and 0 on the late hit. I will probably change the last hit back to being 0 degrees if it cant jab lock anymore.

    As for the first hit, the angle it sends depends on the percent of your opponent and whether or not they are in the air, which I guess is fine, but it makes it so where the up-air can kill at a much later percent.
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  • 2mo
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    Haven't played with it yet but vanilla Ganondorf's Uair is like his best move. Taking away the ability to use different parts of the move to hit people at different angles seems like a nerf to me.
  • 2mo
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    Just added the "changelog"
    Not that great at Smash Bros
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    Is there a changelog?


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