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BuffPack 3DS - Version 1.0.0

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Just as the title suggests, characters being buffed. This Smash Bros 3DS modpack is planned to buff and (try to) balance the smash bros roster. Currently, only 3 characters are done (being Shulk, Yoshi and Falco).

Changes: 1.0.0

- All landing lag has been reduced on aerials.
- Neutral Air is cancel-able and is faster.
- Up Air is faster.
- Forward Air is faster.
- Jab links faster.
- Knockback Increase in some moves

- Faster air and run speed.
- Down Throw now sends opponents in an upwards angle (90 degrees basically).
- Forward Air and Back Air have more kill power.
- Down Air meteor hit lasts with the weak spot.
- Landing lag reduced on aerials.

- Faster air and run speed.
- Neutral Air is cancel-able and is faster.
- Down Air does slightly more damage.
- Up Smash deals more knockback.
- Forward Air is slightly stronger.
- Jab 1 is faster.
- Dash Attack knocks opponents in a horizontal angle.

I probably forgot a some things but I will remember next time, I'll be working on this in the meantime



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