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Deep Pockets 1.11

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>Deep Pockets is a handy storage mod that allows you to mine for as many ores as you want up to five types per bag. So essentially you could mine ores forever and never run out of inventory space so long as you have this bag on you.

>All you need to do is have the bag in your inventory and it will automatically store any ore blocks that drop after you mine them. Once you’ve acquired five different types then the bag will no longer grab other types but it will continue to grab as many of the ores already designated to the bag.

>And once you’ve finished mining you can easily drop all the items from the bag into a chest by shift+right-clicking the chest while holding the full bag. All the items will drop in and you can continue mining again.

This Mod Made By RebelKeith



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    Wow, that's very useful.
    However, I prefer Vanilla Minecraft :v


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