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Super Smash Bros XXL (400+ Skin ModPack)

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Internet Crappped out on me
  • So I know that I haven't been posting on here in awhile,I had another buildalmost ready for a while but had got sidetracked with stuff, however recently as in a couple days ago I started working on it again but my internet stopped working today. I'm sorry for not keeping this up to date, and I'm super glad that you guys have liked and support ed it. I never would have imagined I would get over 1000 downloads! Thanks so much, I'll try to get this newest build up as soon as possible. I still have to finish the credits and make Stage select portraits for the For Fun version. So once the internet gets back up I'll be back to it!
  • Since I haven't been up to date, what is something you guys would really like to see in the next build. I've been keeping up with your guys skin requests, so tell me if guys want anything extra like loading screens, music ect, tell me! I'll try to put that in.
  • Also on a side note, I'm typing this on my phone with 4G, my internet really did die, I swear
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Unpacked version ready and more info below
  • The unpacked version should be uploaded now. For some reason I've had to switch from uploading via the desktop app, back to the in browser page. Which is weird because for the packed I had the exact opposite work. Sigh, I blame my terrible internet
  • The "For Fun" version, with the stage edits are almost finished. All the stages are working, new 8p smash select to turn the ones off that dont work. However I need to fix the stage select screen portraits, becuase some of the stages are off. I still need to find a tutorial so if anyone knows how to that, If you could tell me how or link me to it that would be great!
  • Last but not least, I promise I'm looking at all your requests. Sorry I haven't been responding to all of them but I swear I look at everyone. I'll try my best to make it so all the skins you guys and girls want get in. But just know not every request can make it in do to the mod creators not wanting it, or it being to similar to other skins we have among other reasons. I hope you guys understand
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All Credits in Online READ ME down below
Just got the sounds finished!  Should be out somewhat soon. Here's the credits for the skins and stages and now sounds

Still left to do:

Add New Voices
Credits for Voices
Make Stage Select Portraits and such
Tidy Up and fix some errors

Key Features

400+ Skins
120+ Extra Skin Slots
100+ Individual Slot Voices
Wifi Safe

Super Smash Bros XXL is a modpack with the intent of being filled to the brim with skins, voices and more! Being one of the largest modpacks, I tried to include the best, under the radar, and even a couple joke skins for everyone to enjoy. Not only just model swaps, but alt colors too.

With Two Versions (one is not ready yet) you can play online or at home with friends! Being for Glory and For Fun version.

For Glory is the Wifi Safe Version. This one can be played with anyone who has the Vanilla version of smash.

For Fun is not Wifi Safe. And will have new stages to play on. Sadly this version isn't quite ready yet, so only For Glory is available to download right now.

Online READ-ME:

Photo Credits:

If you have any problems please check the Known Issues file in the Gamebanana download before commenting.

Also I am always accepting requests for Skins, Stages, Music and More!

Downloads for modpack are in alternate downloads. The GameBanana file is only offline READ ME's and Troubleshooting.


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Key Authors
Check the Read Me please
Created mods for this modpack
Original Authors
Bandai Namco Games
Sora Ltd.
Special Thanks
All the Gamebanana Modders
Making Amazing Skins/Mods
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For helping me with Stages and Music (not out yet)
Etika World Network
For his tutorials that got me in the modscene
For his amazing tutorials
For being my modpacks biggest fan


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