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Giga Bowser's Attack Buffs

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Version 14
  • The "Attack11" command now hits on frame 5.
  • The "Attack12" command now hits on frame 7.
  • The "ThrowF" command now throws on frame 24.
Version 13
  • The "ThrowLw" command's throw hitbox now executes before the body slam hitboxes, but it can no longer bury anyone, nor deal any damage.
  • The "ThrowLw" command's body slam hitboxes no longer deal fixed knockback, and can deal 30% damage to anyone who is in the crossfire.
Giga Bowser may be the biggest playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but he has felt rather weak in the power department when compared to most other transformation Final Smashes. This moveset hack basically buffs up Giga Bowser's damage output for most of his attacks, but some attacks have also received knockback nerfs to keep them from making KOs too early.

One of the most notable buffs is the f-smash, where if Giga Bowser hits anyone with his head, he'll be able to KO even Bowser at 0% damage, but this is only possible when the attack is fully charged; if uncharged, the f-smash will simply deliver high damage and strong knockback, but it does make KOs at later damage percentages.

Another buff involves the Bowser Bomb, where the grounded version can be quite nasty as a damage builder when used against large targets like Bowser, Donkey Kong, King Dedede, and Charizard. If done just right, Giga Bowser can potentially deal up to 65% damage against big targets with the Bowser Bomb, but smaller or lighter targets likely won't take that much damage (usually up to 35% at most).

Hopefully these modifications can help Giga Bowser score more KOs before the Final Smash transformation expires, but some attacks may still not be too reliable when you're racing against the clock.

The download comes included with a text document that shows all the changes. A sound script is also included, which adds and modifies Giga Bowser's voice clips for some of his attacks.


I decided to make some additional adjustments to this hack. A couple more of Giga Bowser's attacks have received damage buffs, but as usual, I did have to make some nerfs to the knockback values as well. Of course, a few attacks are given knockback buffs, while maintaining the same damage values that were in the first version.

A lot of the traits that were in the first version remain in tact in the second version, such as the f-smash's 1-hit KO capability, and Bowser Bomb's potential of dealing up to 65% damage. But now, the up aerial has been given a damage buff to compensate for its start-up lag; if that attack hits, it can deal up to 28% damage, and is pretty much certain to make KOs. Of course, I did set the knockback growth for the up aerial back to its original value.

It should also be noted that these buffs mostly have to do with making Giga Bowser pack a bigger punch than giant Bowser; the Super Mushroom causes Bowser's attacks to be more powerful than Giga Bowser's attacks.

Hopefully I'll be content with the new edits, since I felt that the first version needed some more work.

Update 2

It turns out that I overlooked one more attack when I released the second version, which is the Whirling Fortress. The third version buffs up the aerial Whirling Fortress by increasing its maximum damage output.

The first hit is still no stronger than normal Bowser's, only dealing 10% damage and having slightly stronger knockback growth. But for hits 2 through 11, they can deliver a maximum of 50% damage, making Giga Bowser's aerial Whirling Fortress the second most damaging attack in this hack (a total of 60% damage if all 11 hits connect); it loses to the Bowser Bomb and its 65% damage potential.

It should be noted, however, that the aerial Whirling Fortress is merely a damage builder, so it's not really able to make KOs outside of the first hit, but the damage that it deals can be quite nasty for any careless fighters.

On one final note, giant Bowser's aerial Whirling Fortress deals up to 54% damage if all 11 hits connect, which is why I buffed up Giga Bowser's aerial Whirling Fortress to be more damaging than before.

Update 3

After doing some more tests and analyzing Bowser from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I decided to improve Giga Bowser further so that most of his attacks can deal more damage than what giant Brawl Bowser can dish out.

The f-smash's damage output has been adjusted so that an uncharged hit with the head deals 36% damage, while all the other hitboxes only deal 30% damage. The attack can still make potential 1-hit KOs when fully charged, and the odds of that occurring are more likely with the fully charged head hit now dealing up to 50% damage (tied with giant Bowser's fully charged f-smash).

The f-tilt and u-tilt have received knockback buffs, making them more effective as KO moves, but they still don't KO as quickly as the f-smash and u-smash.

The n-air and b-air have also received some buffs with their damage output, but the n-air's knockback has been nerfed so that it stays weaker than the f-air. The d-air now deals 5% damage per hit, which can add up to 45% damage if all 9 hits connect.

The u-smash is slightly more damaging, now dealing more damage than giant Bowser's u-smash, but it still KOs a bit later for having lower knockback growth.

Whirling Fortress is now more damaging than before when used on the ground, and the knockback angle is adjusted with the first hit so that it always sends opponents flying straight up. The ground Whirling Fortress also KOs earlier than before with the first two sets of hitboxes, but the final 4% damage hitbox is still weak with the knockback.

The aerial Whirling Fortress has also been adjusted, with the first hit being more damaging than before, and all the hitboxes have completely vertical knockback, but it will still deal a grand total of 60% damage if all 11 hits connect; the final five hits are weaker than in the previous version, dealing only 3% damage per hit.

Bowser Bomb remains the same as in the previous versions, but the 5% damage hitbox on the ground now sends opponents flying straight up, and its fixed knockback is nerfed a little bit to ensure that Giga Bowser can hit just about any fighter with the second hit. This also means that Giga Bowser is more likely to deliver a mighty 65% blow against the heavy fighters, but fighters with a weight value below 100 are less likely to take that much damage. As usual, big fighters like Bowser, Donkey Kong, and King Dedede, are the most vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Hopefully these extra changes can help ensure that Giga Bowser will be a far bigger threat than giant Bowser, but there will still be some attacks in giant Bowser's arsenal that are more lethal, such as the b-air; giant Bowser's b-air deals as much as 29% damage.

Update 4

After some further tests, I decided to improve the knockback for the standard attack's second hit, along with the dash attack. The down aerial's landing hitbox has also received a damage buff, but I did have to nerf the knockback a bit.

Everything else remains the same as in version 4.

Update 5

I decided to improve the d-tilt move a bit further for Giga Bowser. Both hits now deal a bit more damage.

However, the most notable change is to the attack's first hit, which now deals fixed knockback, regardless of the opponent's current damage. This basically makes it easier for Giga Bowser to connect with the second hit (even against Jigglypuff) if the target is above the ground.

The first hit's fixed knockback also improves Giga Bowser's ability to gimp recoveries, making it very hard, if not impossible for fighters with poor vertical recoveries to get back onto the stage. However, fighters like Dark Pit, King Dedede, PAC-MAN, Pikachu, Pit, Rosalina, and R.O.B. still have a chance to reach the stage ledge with their up special moves. But even long-ranged vertical recoveries could fall short without mid-air jumps.

As for the d-tilt's second hit, its knockback strength is now a bit stronger than that of the first hit of giant Bowser's d-tilt. However, the knockback is reduced against buried opponents, so try to catch your opponents in the air for the best results.

With that said, I'm hoping that I'll be all good with this moveset hack now. I've done a good amount of comparisons between giant Bowser (Brawl and SSBU) and Giga Bowser, and I feel that I've finally made Giga Bowser feel superior to giant Bowser for most attacks. Giant Bowser still wins the KO fight with the d-tilt's first hit, the b-air, and while the d-air isn't a damage builder like with Giga Bowser's d-air, it is a KO maker. Anyway, the overall reward will now feel greater if Bowser acquires a Smash Ball, instead of a Super Mushroom.

Update 6

A good amount of weeks have passed since my last update for this hack. However, after testing out my work enough times, I eventually felt that a few more adjustments had to be made until I'm officially good with it.

This update simply buffs up some of Giga Bowser's attacks by increasing their knockback values a little bit. For one example, the u-tilt's base knockback is now stronger than before, but its knockback growth has been nerfed slightly as a drawback; it does make KOs sooner than before though.

In a similar manner, the f-throw and b-throw now have slightly stronger knockback growth than before, which can potentially make it so that the u-throw won't always make KOs the soonest; the transformation time limit does need to be kept in mind whenever you're using Giga Bowser's grabs and throws.

The n-air also deals slightly more damage, now dealing up to 20% damage, but its knockback is still weaker than that of the f-air.

The most notable adjustment, however, is to the Bowser Bomb's landing hitbox, which is now larger than it was in the previous updates. Now, fighters who stand too close to the landing shock wave are likely to take damage, instead of having to be very close to Giga Bowser.

Everything else pretty much remains the same as in the last update, such as the d-tilt's first hit dealing fixed knockback, and the f-smash's 1-hit KO potential.

Hopefully, I'll be all good now, and the power difference between Giga Bowser and a 1.7x-size Bowser now favors Giga Bowser a lot more than it did before I started working on this moveset hack. However, a 1.7x-size Bowser still wins the KO battle with his b-air, d-air, the first hit of his d-tilt, and the u-smash with its higher knockback growth.

Update 7

After thinking things over a bit, I decided to modify a few more things in Giga Bowser's moveset.

First up, the u-smash's first hit now has a slightly better base knockback value, enabling it to KO a tad earlier than before. It still KOs later than a 1.7x-size Bowser's u-smash, however, but the power gap between the two attacks is now smaller than before, especially when fully charged.

The second edit in this update is to Giga Bowser's cliff attack, where it now deals up to 18% damage, and its fixed knockback strength is stronger too.

Everything else remains the same as in version 7.

Update 8

Here comes a rather large update to this moveset hack. There was something missing that I was never able to implement, until now.

Thanks to Sammi Husky and his FITX tools, Giga Bowser can now deal collateral damage with his Flying Slam. Don't get caught in the crossfire, or else you'll take a good amount of damage and knockback.

This update also makes some additional adjustments to the damage and knockback values for Giga Bowser's attacks. Additionally, most of the attacks now deal variable shield damage, requiring you to be more careful about which attacks to block, and which attacks to dodge altogether. On a side note, only the f-tilt has a chance to trip fighters now, but this is only really noticeable against giant or metal fighters.

I even took some time to make some additional hitbox adjustments to a few attacks. One notable example is the grounded Whirling Fortress, which now has a third hitbox that can hit airborne targets more easily. The grounded Whirling Fortress's late hit has also been fixed up in that it can now damage airborne targets; originally, the late hit could only deal damage to fighters who are on the ground.

After so many updates, I should be content with these new adjustments now. I know that I've said this before with my past updates, but to be fair, there can always be room for improvement.

Update 9

I once again have a new update for this hack. It only focuses on one specific attack though.

Giga Bowser's grounded Whirling Fortress normally deals up to 2 hits on fighters. However, the attack had a fatal flaw in that if both hits got blocked, then Giga Bowser would literally be wide open to punishment by his opponents.

I decided to fix up that flaw by making Giga Bowser's grounded Whirling Fortress deal up to 10 hits, instead of 2. This change basically takes a page from Smash 3DS / Wii U Bowser's grounded Whirling Fortress, where it could deal up to 8 hits, and it also references how Melee Giga Bowser's Whirling Fortress can deal multiple hits on the ground.

And to make this buff even more efficient, all 10 hits deal some shield damage, so opposing fighters can no longer risk blocking the grounded Whirling Fortress, unless they want to see their shield break.

However, there is one drawback with this buff in that it KOs fighters later than when it dealt up to 2 hits in the previous updates. But to compensate for this drawback, instead of dealing up to 25% damage with 2 hits, the grounded Whirling Fortress now deals up to 30% damage if all 10 hits connect, with the final hit delivering high knockback. And while the first 9 hits may sometimes trip fighters on the ground (despite having a 0% trip rate), I did make sure that the final hit's frame duration lasts long enough to hit anyone who ends up tripping from the 9th hit.

Everything else remains the same as in version 9, which includes the collateral damage addition to the falling portion of Flying Slam.

Update 10

This update is minor when compared to the last one, but it's still a highly notable dilemma.

Before performing Flying Slam, Giga Bowser tries to grab a fighter. However, for some odd reason, when trying to grab fighters while on the ground, the grab hitbox had no effect on airborne targets. And yet, if Giga Bowser tries to grab fighters while in the air, the grab hitbox can affect airborne targets.

I finally decided to fix up the grab hitbox flaw that the SpecialSCatch command has. Now, it can grab airborne targets, which helps Giga Bowser greatly, as it does take longer for him to grab fighters while airborne.

Everything else remains the same as in version 10, which includes the updated grounded Whirling Fortress.

Update 11

I made some more adjustments to a couple attacks for this update.

First up, the f-air's base knockback has been increased. It is now capable of making KOs slightly sooner than a 1.7x-size Peach's f-air.

The b-air's knockback angle has been lowered to 15, which now enables it to send opponents flying at lower angles, and even make earlier KOs.

The second hit for the dash attack and u-smash have also received some knockback angle changes, with the latter being able to KO slightly sooner now.

The collateral damage hitboxes for Flying Slam's falling animation have received an aesthetic change in that the hitboxes are now treated as the Body type, instead of the Spin type. However, types don't exactly serve much of a purpose in Smash Wii U, but I made the change anyway, since the falling animation for Flying Slam focuses more on the body than spinning.

The u-throw's looping hitbox now deals fixed knockback, while the throw hitbox now has Electric effects. Total damage and the throw hitbox's knockback remain unchanged.

Lastly, the d-throw's hitboxes have been adjusted to operate differently than before. Now, the d-throw can bury not just the bystanders, but also the grabbed fighter. However, to make it possible for the throw hitbox to bury fighters, I had to make all the hitboxes deal fixed knockback; this consequently makes the d-throw incapable of making KOs by itself now. But by burying the grabbed fighter, Giga Bowser can follow up with just about any attack of his choice, making it more usable than before. It should be noted, however, that some grabbed fighters might not get buried at all if they're set to a very tiny size.

The d-throw's throw hitbox also serves another purpose in that if there's no ground to bury anyone, the throw will instead send the grabbed fighter flying at a low angle. This can be very nasty for fighters with very bad recoveries, such as Little Mac. But since the throw hitbox deals fixed knockback, it can't exactly compete with the f-throw, in terms of KO potential.

That should be it for this update. Before finishing up though, I also took a good amount of time to compose a spreadsheet that shows all of my changes to Giga Bowser's moveset.

The spreadsheet gets updated whenever I make any new changes.

Note: The command that reads EF3E3778 is for Giga Bowser's Fire Breath. This hack does not touch Fire Breath at all.

Update 12

After releasing version 12, I did more tests with the updated d-throw, and I eventually felt that it needed to be worked on more. I wanted the d-throw to always be able to bury grabbed fighters, but I didn't want the body slam's hitbox to deal poor knockback. Fortunately, I found the solution to the problem.

Now, the d-throw's throw hitbox executes right before the body slam's hitboxes activate; the throw hitbox activates at frame 44, while the body slam hitboxes activate at frame 45.

However, with the throw hitbox executing first, it can no longer bury any fighters. The throw hitbox also can't deal any damage anymore, but it does position the grabbed fighter low enough for the body slam to bury him/her, regardless of how huge or tiny he/she might be. And with the throw hitbox no longer dealing damage, all damage is now made by the body slam hitboxes, dealing 30% damage to bystanders and the grabbed fighter.

If the grabbed fighter isn't on any ground, then the body slam hitboxes will send him/her flying at a low angle. And since the knockback is not fixed anymore, the fighter will travel farther as his/her damage increases. However, despite dealing 30% damage, the body slam's knockback growth is quite weak, so it still can't compete with the f-throw in the KO department. Despite this, the body slam can still be quite nasty for fighters with very bad recoveries.

Everything else remains the same as in version 12.

Update 13

After studying Giga Bowser's animations and hit frames, I've noticed that his standard attack actually has a longer start-up period than some of his stronger attacks. I decided to fix that by decreasing the standard attack's start-up lag.

The process required a good amount of studying, as I had to reference some other moveset hacks to know which script action to use. However, the process was not as simple as merely using the Set_Frame_Duration action, as I did run into a scenario where the standard attack never dealt any damage at all. As such, I had to utilize the Asynchronous_Timer action as well, along with some mathematics to ensure that the hitboxes activated on an integer value. I also had to make sure that the effect, expression, and sound scripts were in sync with the speed modifiers.

The end result of my work now enables the Attack11 command to strike on frame 5 (the quickest attack outside of the LandingAirLw and SpecialLwLanding commands), while the Attack12 command strikes on frame 7 (tied with the AttackHi3 command).

As an additional bonus, I even took the time to decrease the f-throw's start-up lag. The f-throw now throws at around frame 24, instead of frame 36; still slower than the b-throw, but only by 5 frames. This in return ensures that the least damaging throws will always execute the quickest.

I didn't change the speed of any of the other attacks, as I felt that they were already fast enough. Also, no damage and/or knockback adjustments have been made on this update.


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  • 6mo
    Posted by erikcooldude42

    why buff him was he not powerful already? or did he had a lot of end lag on some of his moves
    Compare Giga Bowser to giant Bowser, and you can "clearly" see a major power difference between the two. Giant Bowser can easily 1-hit KO just about everyone with a fully charged f-smash. Giga Bowser's f-smash doesn't even come close to 1-hit KOing the lightest fighters, even when fully charged.

    You see, the Super Mushroom multiples the amount of damage that a fighter can deal by 1.56x. As a result, giant Bowser is far stronger than Giga Bowser when it comes to making KOs.

    This hack simply improves Giga Bowser's overall power so that he can compete against giant Bowser more easily, if not surpass him with certain attacks. It makes little sense for a Super Mushroom to be more rewarding than a Final Smash transformation anyway, especially considering that Super Mushrooms have no effect on Giga Bowser.

    On a side note, when you compare giant Little Mac to Giga Mac, the latter still beats the former when it comes to dealing damage.
    • Agree x 1
    Texture Hacking Expert
  • 6mo
    why buff him was he not powerful already? or did he had a lot of end lag on some of his moves
  • 7mo
    Posted by CM_PORK

    What a bummer but fair enough. Its absurd how Smash doesn't consider Super Sonic a transformation. It ripped off SSJ and the word that is always tied in with the forms is "transformation"
    Giga Bowser, Wario-Man, Giga Mac, and Mega Lucario are pretty much the unique Final Smashes, since they are also actual fighters with their own scripts and attributes. They can also have multiple color slots, which is typically impossible for Final Smashes (except for Octopus).

    Super Sonic doesn't operate like an actual fighter, but is more like an offensive attack. The same also applies to Final Smashes like Super Dragon, Octopus, and Mega Charizard X.
    Texture Hacking Expert
  • 7mo
    CM_PORK avatar
    CM_PORK Offline
    Member Joined 7mo
    What a bummer but fair enough. Its absurd how Smash doesn't consider Super Sonic a transformation. It ripped off SSJ and the word that is always tied in with the forms is "transformation"
  • 7mo
    Posted by CM_PORK

    Have you or anyone buffed Super Sonic? He feels underwhelming and isn't even the fastest in Smash 4 which is just bs. He's pretty much a Super Saiyan, he should be faster and stronger even if the setback is a lack of control
    Super Sonic is not an actual transformation Final Smash, and I currently don't have any plans for modifying that Final Smash.
    Texture Hacking Expert
  • 7mo
    CM_PORK avatar
    CM_PORK Offline
    Member Joined 7mo
    Have you or anyone buffed Super Sonic? He feels underwhelming and isn't even the fastest in Smash 4 which is just bs. He's pretty much a Super Saiyan, he should be faster and stronger even if the setback is a lack of control
  • 7mo
    Posted by BananaLewis

    Could you do Mega Lucario next? I feel he needs it more than any other Final Smash because he has neither the mobility or size advantage when transformed (he's already a bit slow) and his transformation time is shortened if damaged.
    No plans for modifying Mega Lucario's attacks, since its aura attacks are always at maximum power. And since Mega Lucario can't flinch, fighters are usually better off running away from it.
    Texture Hacking Expert
  • 7mo
    BananaLewis avatar
    Member Joined 1y
    277 points Ranked 13740th
    Could you do Mega Lucario next? I feel he needs it more than any other Final Smash because he has neither the mobility or size advantage when transformed (he's already a bit slow) and his transformation time is shortened if damaged.
  • 7mo
    Posted by Jacksont16

    Oh? A sound script? 2 questions about that:

    1) Does it only work/work properly if we add the Giga Bowser buffs?

    2) Can we possibly have a preview of the new clips?
    I think you misinterpreted my hack description. There are no new voice clips, as all that I basically did was modify the sound.bin file so that it executes already existing voice clips from Giga Bowser's .nus3bank files for more of his animations. In other words, Giga Bowser's .nus3bank files have NOT been touched in any way.

    Also, you don't have to use the buffs if you only want to use the sound.bin file; it will function just fine.
    • Helpful x 1
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    Texture Hacking Expert
  • 7mo
    FancyMexican avatar
    Member Joined 10mo
    111 points Ranked 25814th
    omg dude this is perfect! and who cares if he is overpowered final smashes are only used when you play casualy thank you for this!
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