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Welcome Viewer !!

New Player Welcome is a plugin for minecraft servers that well, welcomes the new players. But it has several useful features like:
  • You can enable or disable messages and it will still log who has joined so when you enable messages none of your current players will get the new player welcome message!
  • You can send only the new player a message such as: Please read /rules before you get started
  • You can disable the message to the new player only
  • You can fully customize the plugin in the config files and color is supported!
  • You can give staff the "NPW.Alert" permission so they hear a noteblock whenever a new player logs on
Please note in the picture of the plugin above only the new player , in this case me, saw the please read the rules everyone saw welcome LukeSky5000

Default Configs:
welcomeMessage: '&6[NewPlayerWelcome]&b Welcome (USERNAME) to the server!' 

showMessages: true

newPlayerOnlyMessage: '&6[NewPlayerWelcome]&b Please read /rules before you get started.'

showNewPlayerMessage: true




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