The Worry of Newport Mod

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The Worry of Newport is a two part horror/mystery mod for Crysis built around immersion and story telling, rather than combat or action. Both parts span a story arc that concerns a nameless protagonist awakening in the ocean outside of the island of Newport, a fictional colony in the Atlantic. Upon exploring the port nearby and uncovering a little bit of the backstory, it is on his (and your, the players) shoulders to presue the truths behind the dark secrets on the island. Sacrifices, ancient rites, deities of long past within the ocean, and surviving the very creatures that doomed the island are all on the player's plate. Finding out who Edgar Gray is and what has he done is the leading mystery, as well as your own past and truths to face. Just what was the Worry of Newport? Bundled together are Part 1 and Part 2 running off the same install, complete with the latest patches - and now featuring save and load support. A simple bundle of the already finalized release of The Worry of Newport's Part 1 and Part 2 allowing for easier install and play and for the future, proper Desura support. Now added is the foundation for saving and loading, but your experience with it may vary. Report any bugs asap. Read the manual.txt for install instructions. Changelogs (Thanksgiving 2011 patches) Part 1: Implemented Game Saving Checkpoints. Press F5 to save, and load at your leisure later. Do not save when narration is playing or the screen is fading out, or you're reading a book. Recompiled flowgraph code to be sleeker and take up less cpu/memory resources. Three rare crashes at Hamlet have been neutralized. Lighting improved in Hamlet Additional book added to entrance of basement in Hamlet (was previously intended, but glitched out in loading) Part 2: Implemented Game Saving Checkpoints. Press F5 to save, and load at your leisure later. Do not save when narration is playing or the screen is fading out, or you're reading a book. Fixed rare crashes in Newport Colony. Added a brand new, narrated soliloquy by Edgar Gray (It plays after the credits, stick around for it!) Fixed a fatal error with vegetation rendering improperly (removing low_grass entity) Removed 350 needless shadow casting items, doubling performance Fixed path finding in Swamp/Marsh slightly Enhanced lighting in all forested scenes May have fixed blinking sun issue (PM me if I have not)



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