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What is an RPG mode
RPG mode is a game mode in which normally kill other players and get behind this so-called credits . These credits can then exchange for improving character.

What are " commands say " and how is

Say commands , translated by speaking commands are commands that can be inserted into chat .
First rpgmenu - Brings up a menu that allows you to set the menu language , or as a shopping center and a help center .

Second rpgrank < section name > - Lets find out how much has entered the names of the level , how much does he have the experience to the next , how's the žeb?í?kách and number of credits .

3rd rpgtop10 - Allows you to view statistics of the ten best players on the server .

4th rpghelp - View the menu for help (always in English).

How to set a Czech menu

First place to chat or console command " rpgmenu " . Then press 4-1-1 on the keyboard ( not the numeric ) and select a language.

First place in a RPG server (see above). Then open the console and type in the " rpg_help " . You will see a list of a few commandama that need to get started . However, if you want to see the other , write in the console " rpg_cvarlist " . So the rules adminování are :

As someone add credits , level , improvements (only admins )

First, type in the console "users " A list of users on the server. Remember the second number.

Now put in the console :

First To add credits: rpg_addcredits number

Second On the addition of levels : rpg_addlvl number

3rd On improvements: rpg_giveupgrade number of improvements


I give "users " to see the list :

(1:2 ) [ FO] Eda_CZE [ CL ] ™

( 2:28 ) kill me , only me!

and I want to give the user kill me , only me! 50 credits , 50 + levels and lives . So remember the number 28 and write to the console :

rpg_addcredits 28 50

rpg_addlvl 28 50

rpg_giveupgrade 28 hbonus

Download the rar file and extract it into cstrike and then restart your server
and to turn on the console banner for RPG mode cssrpg_enable 1
to switch off mode rpg cssrpg_enable 0



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