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Knife-Mod v1.5 (czero_With_Knife-Models)

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This Mod is Already With Models..Updated.Sorry Friends i cant upload it's menu screen-shot.

**Friends Its My Edited Version v1.5 original Posted @ alleinmodders - This is .txt & .sma edited.Already Added Models of knives.If you want to Add your own knives you have to edit knife_mod.sma** Knife Mod (Updated) - It changes the models of the knife (five models including default knife). - Each knife has an ability (see below) - Change the models via menu with a chat command: /knife - It saves the data of the model you choose (so if you leave the server and come in again you will have the model you chose before). - It prints a message with help every 8 minutes. Knife Abilities 1. Machete (More Damage/Low Speed) 2. Bak Knife (No Footsteps) 3. Pocket Knife (High Speed) 4. Butcher Knife (Low Gravity) 5. Default Knife (Health Regeneration) Install - Unzip the file in "cstrike" or "czero" folder - Add "knife_mod.amxx" without quotes in plugins.ini Modules Required < Fun > < Engine > Commands For Admins: km_highspeed 340 (sets the speed for Pocket Knife) km_lowspeed 170 (sets the speed for Machete) km_addhealth 3 (sets the health you will gain with Default Knife) km_maxhealth 75 (sets the healt you can reach when healing D-knife) km_damage 2 (damage multiplier for Machete) km_lowgravity 400 (sets the low gravity) For Players: /knife Write it in chat for the menu to change the knifes For other Info. Download This file & there is IMp(readme) then open it !



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