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HL cycler_sprite model crash FIX (FGD)

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A "cycler_sprite" Hammer crash fix when using models (.mdl)

DESCRIPTION =========== This is an updated version of the original (no ZHLT) Half-Life **Game Definition File** that fixes the bug of the **"cycler_sprite"** entity, which makes Hammer crash after applying a selected model (.mdl) instead of a sprite (.spr). TECNICAL INFORMATIONS ===================== Fixed Hammer crash on **"cycler_sprite"** entity if using models (.mdl) instead of sprites (.spr). Added an additional key named "Model" to the **"cycler_sprite"** entity. Now it's possible to search for models directly in **"cycler_sprite"** instead of paste the directory everytime. ![Object Properties image](http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/3032/ozbp.png "Object Properties image") If you want to use this FIX on different Half-Life customized FGDs, just copy and paste this string overwriting the original **"cycler_sprite"** string: @PointClass base(Targetname, Angles) = cycler_sprite : "Sprite Cycler" [ model(sprite) : "Sprite" model(studio) : "Model" framerate(integer) : "Frames per second" : 10 renderfx(choices) :"Render FX" : 0 = [ 0: "Normal" 1: "Slow Pulse" 2: "Fast Pulse" 3: "Slow Wide Pulse" 4: "Fast Wide Pulse" 9: "Slow Strobe" 10: "Fast Strobe" 11: "Faster Strobe" 12: "Slow Flicker" 13: "Fast Flicker" 5: "Slow Fade Away" 6: "Fast Fade Away" 7: "Slow Become Solid" 8: "Fast Become Solid" 14: "Constant Glow" 15: "Distort" 16: "Hologram (Distort + fade)" ] rendermode(choices) : "Render Mode" : 0 = [ 0: "Normal" 1: "Color" 2: "Texture" 3: "Glow" 4: "Solid" 5: "Additive" ] renderamt(integer) : "FX Amount (1 - 255)" rendercolor(color255) : "FX Color (R G B)" : "0 0 0" ] Now you can add models in **_every part_** of your Half-Life maps like you do on CS 1.6/CS:CZ, instead of using **"monster_generic"**. Since a **"monster_generic"** entity can't be placed in mid air or in roofs if it hasn't a solid that supports it. For instance, if you have to place a roof lamp or a wall lamp in your map, when you compile the map and test it in game, you'll see the model on the ground instead of seeing it in the position it was in Hammer. If you are a CS 1.6/CS:CZ level designer, you don't have this problem (so you don't need this file), since the original CS 1.6/CS:CZ FGD file doesn't makes Hammer crash if you use models with the **"cycler_sprite"** entity. NOTES ===== If this fix already exist here on **GameBanana**, **_don't report this submission_**! Just, please, let me know and send me the link of the original submission, and I will remove this one. Thank you.




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Key Authors
Alberto309 aka Cianez
Hammer crash FIX
Original Authors
Chris "autolycus" Bokitch
Original creator of the "halflife.fgd" file
Special Thanks
Chris "autolycus" Bokitch
For creating the halflife.fgd
Letting me share this file


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