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Sven Coop v4.7

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_We've finally finished testing Sven Co-op 4.7, and now it's time for the rest of you to have a go. Spread the word!
In this release you are going to be seeing fewer crashes, fewer bugs, a decent amount of new features, and a new map.
Some of the more notable changes include:_

- New map: Quarter. In this map, the players must prevent a base from being overrun by enemies. Failing to defend an area forces the players to retreat further back into new areas.

- Improved sentence handling: NPC's now use more sentences, mappers can specify their own sentences, and other improvements

- Linux server binary now included

- New console command called "stuck" allows players to get unstuck

- Using the grenade warning automatically makes friendly NPC's seek cover

- Spawn points are now randomly selected with no spawn fragging

- On-line donor lookup: An online donor list now lets donors receive their bonus features without having to wait for the next release

- trigger_load is now able to load data from other maps' save files, improving the ability to create map series where events in one map affect what happens in other maps.

- New High-Definition remakes of HLDM player models

- Bug fixed that prevented players from falling down when using the grapplegun.




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