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HL1 Stats in Black Mesa

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Some tweaks
  • compatible w/ other skills
Now compatible with other skills. Just edit something in skill_manifest.cfg. Also added Half-Life's easy and hard skills in the download. Just switch the mode in skill_manifest. Here's something you can do. Set your skills to Half-Life's hard difficulty and set Source Engine's difficulty to Hard. There play ultra-hard mode. **What's the difference with Half-Life's Hard mode in Source's normal difficulty to Source's hard difficulty alone?** In Source, only the player's damage and inflict scale are toned. This now includes the balance between enemies and allies not just the player. Half-Life's Hard skills may ruin the balance set in ST Uncut's scenes.
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Final Version before Xen release
  • rpg speed and precision tweaked
  • ichthyosaur much faster this time like HL1
  • controller slightly faster
  • bullsquid lower health
  • 9mm bullet lowered damage
  • apache battles made easier (well i tried)
RPG speed is divided by two to match HL1's. Ichthyosaur is faster and you could say that it charges. It is a more formidable enemy now. Controller slightly faster. Bullsquid health is 40. 9mm damage is now 5 = MP5 normal, Glock easy damage. The first apache can now be killed with one overcharged shot. The second apache must be coded or something but I reduced its barrage damage to make it easier. Tip at the second heli: aim only at the minigun.
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**New: Just switch your mode in skill_manifest.cfg** In the screenshot, I killed the ichthyosaur with 4 bolts. Notice also the max ammo of Xbow is 50. **Difference of this stats (HL) from BM** Note: Some may get stronger and some get weaker Keeps the BM stats as backup **ITEMS AND WEAPONS** > Healthkit is only 15 points (10 in hard skills) > Glock slightly stronger, 250 max 9mm limit > 357 slightly weaker, 36 max bullet limit > MP5 has 50 bullets in clip, 10 grenades > Shotgun deals 5 per pellet instead of 6 dmg, 125 max limit > Crossbow's bolt deals 50 instead of 75, 50 bolts max > Gluon damages 14 points per second instead of 15 > Gluon consumes less uranium cells > RPG slightly weaker > RPG's airspeed is lowered. > Satchels and Tripmines are stronger > Snarks deal more damage and deals acid damage when killed > Hornet Gun is now weaker dealing 4 damage from 13 (8 in hard skills) **NPCs** > Headshot damage multiplied to 3 instead of 2/ Same with the player > Lower Scientist and Guard Health > Scientists can heal you more common now > Lower Marine melee damage > 50 HP both scientist and security zombie (Guard Zombie stats taken from Op4) > Stronger zombie slash > Vortigaunts are tougher in hard > Ichthyosaur's health doubled (4x in hard) > Ichthyosaur faster > Alien grunt's melee damage slightly lowered > Assassin's pistol slightly stronger > Barnacle's health lowered from 35 to 25 > Barnacle can be killed with one crowbar hit > Houndeye's health and damage lowered (damage is same in hard mode)



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    Excellent. These small differences make the game that much more like the '98 masterpiece.

    At least for me.
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    All The Children Are Dead
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    > **Posted by fury#**

    > nice, but shouldn't the hornet gun deal 10 damage per bee?

    The damage of HL's hivehand is weaker but BM made it stronger. I just set it to 8 (HL's hard mode damage)

    My reference is also at the skills.cfg of the original HL (GoldSrc)
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    Fortress Forever?
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    nice, but shouldn't the hornet gun deal 10 damage per bee?



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