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Ichthyosaur Working Npc!

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The Ichthyosaur from Half-Life.

I couldn't find a working Ichthysaur npc so I decided to take a crack at my own. Their attacks do 50 damage and they have 500 health. They are also faster than the player. If you wish to change the amount of health or damage they have you can open: \Ichthyosaur\lua\autorun\hlr_concommands.lua and change the data to what you wish. Put the "Ichthyosaur" folder in your "addons" folder. *Edit: I also forgot to mention that they don't have a death animation because, I couldn't find one.



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    Would there be any way to port this into HAMMER?
    I'm trying to make a map with Ichthyosaurs but since they have no AI all they do is just float in place.
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    - Nostalgia
    - Creepy as hell


    - No death anim
    - follows you even if in knee-deep only water.
    - Will come out of water (Not legitly, just will proceed and get stuck in extremely shallow water)
    - Attack Anim takes too long


    - Death Animation (Go to ragdoll state?)
    - Depth Limit
    - Shorter Attack


    - I love this and I love you for uploading / making this. Before, the only danger water posed was losing your vehicle. Now, it's like Jaws, and pinchers, and creepy white eyes of lifelessness.
    - Brought me back to Black Mesa diving into the 'shark' tank for the first time. You sir deserve a big yellow banana for your efforts!
    - Understandably, there wouldn't be a death anim, nor would most death anims work with an Itchyosaur, but I can deal with a large Itchyosaur instantly turning into well prepared sushi, so I can have it back from '98.
    -When attacking, the Itchyosaur will stop, open it's mouth, and then bite. As he's doing this I easily swam away. Furthermore, when they are attacking and following, they make no attempt to avoid eachother, nor any obstacles. So they will stack up on eachother, and simply moving behind a wall is safe until they manage to shuffle their way across the wall and past it's edge.




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Original Authors
The model.
Special Thanks
The tutorial for making an npc helped a bit.


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