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Polished Taunts

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This adds taunts to weapons that don't have them, and also adds new lines to several weapons

TF2 Weapon Taunts Modification by Gamemaster1379

The goal of this mod is to add animations to all weapons in Team Fortress 2.

For any questions, you are welcome to contact me via Steam Powered User Forums or Steam IM (Gamemaster1379)

Special thanks to [in no specific order]:
i-ghost for helping me get this mod started and allowing use of the Ullapool taunt change.
Kenny1264 for testing
Kenogu Labz for testing
NDUDE for testing
Critical Hit! for testing
Syntax_Error for server testing
Powerlord for SourceMod assistance
Nucklez for testing
XeroZohar for testing

This version is v0.7 and includes animations for weapons that lack them as well as new lines for existing weapons.

Below is an example video for the 0.4 release. Most the taunts and lines still exist with the exception of the Jarate. It was given the new laugh animations added in the most recent update. (Can be seen here


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