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CS2D max b0.1.1.0

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CS2D max beta version

    ### Beta - 23.12.2008 [FIXED] Friends list scrolling bug [FIXED] Bug which allowed to have a knife with scope [FIXED] It was not possible to build dispensers close to enemy dispensers [FIXED] Dead players/spectators blocked building positions [FIXED] Hostages followed dead players/spectators [FIXED] Spraylogo selection did not work after deleting the selected logo file [FIXED] Spawn effect was visible through fog of war [FIXED] "Hostage following"-arrows were visible through fog of war [FIXED] Rendering problems with buildings on maps with Info_OldRender [FIXED] Server name in scoreboard did not change after changing the server name [FIXED] Mouseover item info showed only one item and not all at one tile [FIXED] Serverlist mouseover info was not fully visible sometimes [FIXED] Internet crashed when joining servers with many players/buildings [CHANGED] Armor is much weaker now (max. 20% damage absorption) [CHANGED] Damage of all pistols doubled [CHANGED] USP ammo limit raised from 48 to 100 [CHANGED] AWP now kills with one hit in zoom level 2 even if enemy has full armor [CHANGED] Stats don't show players with 0 score/deaths/frags anymore [CHANGED] Console is now on the classic console key by default (~ on US keyboards) [CHANGED] Some internal U.S.G.N. changes/improvements [CHANGED] Spraylogos with other sizes than 32x32 pixels will not be accepted anymore [CHANGED] Weapon skins bigger than 75x75 (in hand) will not be accepted anymore [CHANGED] Weapon skins bigger than 100x100 (dropped) will not be accepted anymore [CHANGED] Defuse times increased (10 sec or 5 sec with defuse kit) [CHANGED] Join error messages are now more detailed [ADDED] Missing sound for weapon buying [ADDED] Stats now also display the score of players [ADDED] "Forgot password?" and "Create new account" buttons for fast access [ADDED] Enemy health is now visible for spectators (spec. mode "everything" only) [ADDED] Mouseover item info now also lists ammo/amount of weapons on the ground [ADDED] Minimap for spectators which shows players/hostages/bomb/flags etc. [ADDED] You can now start following by clicking a player while spectating [ADDED] You can't rebuy grenades by default now (new command: mp_grenaderebuy) [ADDED] Enhanced speedhack protection [ADDED] Additional general hack protections [ADDED] Bots button in ingame menu [ADDED] Voting system and menu (commands: votemenu, vote, votemap) [ADDED] Original CS weapon buying commands (deagle, hegren, ak47, m4a1, awp, ...) [ADDED] New fog of war rendering mode (Smoothed) [ADDED] Scorboard mouseover player details [ADDED] Linux and MacOS (Intel) binaries (windowed only, dl at



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