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Custom FDG 1.0.8b

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A custom FGD File for Counter Strike: Source, Enable more entities in Hammer for Mapping!

Installation Instructions:
1. Download and unzip one of the above files to your Steam\SteamApps\account\sourcesdk\bin folder.
2. Open Hammer, then go to Tools --> Options.

3. Use the first drop-down menu to choose the game that corresponds to the fgd you downloaded, then highlight the current fgd listed in the Game Data Files box.
4. Click the "Remove" button next the Game Data Files box to remove the old fgd.
5. Click the "Add" button next to the Game Data Files box and browse to the location of the FGD you just downloaded.


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    4 years ago:
    I searched for this 2 days but i didnt find... but gamebanana is page which give you anything you need :D
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    8 years ago:
    This could be very helpful for the mappers.
    Sadly its hard for people to find it due to the gamefile link is not working probably on game pages.

    Anyway, I might try this if I ever gets around to mapping. (Which I probably do.)


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Date Added
8 years ago
Oct 6 2008 @ 3:58am UTC
Date Updated
8 years ago
Oct 6 2008 @ 3:58am UTC


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