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CS2D max b0.1.0.7

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Counter-Strike 2D max beta version

Changelog ### Beta - 12.08.2008 [FIXED] Several building bugs [FIXED] Several netcode bugs [FIXED] Several map editor bugs [FIXED] Scoreboard was not able to display all (32) players [FIXED] Problems with some binds/keys/menus [FIXED] Trigger_Delay did not work properly [FIXED] Bug with Func_DynWall [FIXED] Leaving players did not drop bomb/flag [FIXED] auto teambalance now changes uneven teams [CHANGED] DirectX is now used by default [CHANGED] Movement speed increased by further 20% [CHANGED] Screenshots will now be saved in "screens" folder [CHANGED] Join-/leave- and kill-messages limited to 5 visible messages [CHANGED] Zoom switch-delay halfed, laser removed, scope changed [CHANGED] Servers with old version will not be added to serverlist anymore [CHANGED] Info_NoWeapons now removes collected/bought weapons on roundstart [CHANGED] Flag carrier is now slower (CTF) [ADDED] New commands / Settings [ADDED] Servers using another version are now highlighted red [ADDED] Scoreboard shows which player is server/bot [ADDED] +3 Score for planting+detonating or defusing C4 [ADDED] +3 Score and +1000$ for capturing enemy flag (CTF) [ADDED] More info when your mousepointer is over a server [ADDED] Game mode filter added [ADDED] Domination map type [ADDED] The game now supports more resolutions (graphics will NOT be scaled!) [ADDED] Launcher for CS2D added (Launcher.exe) [ADDED] Transparency settings for Env_Breakable and Func_DynWall [ADDED] Explosion delay for HE and flash [ADDED] Button/Switch graphics for Trigger_Use [ADDED] ESC+DEL now work in in-game chat

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