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VIP 1.0H Full

Change Log: 1.0.H (16 June 07) - valve update fix - fixed: server lockup with bots 1.0.F (3 Dec 06) - fixed: works with latest Valve update 1.0.E (4 Sept 06) - fixed: works with latest Valve update - added: two new functions to support the upcoming map as_recon 1.0.D (12 Apr 06) - fixed: VIP model not showing up (after Valve player model update) - fixed: Windows servers crashing on startup (after Valve server update) 1.0.C (26 Feb 06) - fixed: round time elapsed but round doesn't end - fixed: map doesn't change when mp_maxrounds is reached - fixed: map doesn't change when mp_winlimit is reached - fixed: not always outputting the "Assassinated_The_VIP" log line - fixed: player who was VIP doesn't have knife/pistol after "mp_restartgame" or Mani Warmup Period end - fixed: VIP doesn't have VIP skin if player switched from T last round - fixed: player who was VIP last round sometimes can't pick up weapons - fixed: VIP still has nightvision if player purchased it the previous round - fixed: VIP's USP ammo not always set to 12/12 on Linux servers - fixed: restricted mp5 can be bought with some keybinds - added: fire vip_escaped and vip_killed events for interaction with other plugins (requested by Mani) - added: don't choose a VIP if mani_warmup_in_progress equals 1 - added: ignore bots when choosing VIP if human player is on CT and bots are set to defer to humans 1.0.B (15 Feb 06) - initial release Installation Should be in the Readme file.



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