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CSSDM 2.1.0

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Updated Version of Counter-Strike:Source Deathmatch Mod

- Added the ability to translate equipment menus (translation file must be updated if you upgrade).
- Added the ability to skip a weapon selection menu via "Exit."
- Added an experimental cssdm_remove_drops cvar for specifying whether CS:S DM removes weapon drops.
- Fixed a bug where if you only selected one gun, you could not opt to repeat the selection on the main equipment menu.
- Fixed a bug where dm_equipment could perform actions on players/bots when cssdm_enable_equipment was 0.
- Fixed a bug where an unspecified primary or secondary weapon could be given if the cssdm.equip.txt file specified none in the list and the player selected "Random."
- Fixed a bug where bot_quota would stop working if cssdm_bots_balance was set to "0".
- Fixed "nightvision" not being in the cssdm.equip.txt config file.
- Fixed bots always getting defuse kits.
- Fixed a bug where CS:S DM crashed if FFA mode was set on the latest CS:S version.
- Updated some library code from SourceMod that had received bug fixes since the last release.
1. Install Metamod:Source 1.4.2+ (use either the auto-installer or Read Instructions).
2. Install SourceMod (Read Instructions).
3. Download CS:S DM.
4. Extract the CS:S DM zip file to your cstrike folder. If you're uploading to FTP, upload the contents of the file to the cstrik folder.
5. Edit the config files in cfg/cssdm to your liking. They are self-explanatory; do not edit cssdm.weapons.txt!
6. Restart your server.


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Date Added
9 years ago
May 28 2008 @ 12:34am UTC
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9 years ago
May 28 2008 @ 12:34am UTC


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