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dT's Legal FPS Config

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A .rar containing 8 configs for css. They include a CAL legal server script, lo3 script, config, autoexec for both AMD and INTEL, a ClanBase legal config, warmupcss and a warmup config.

Just rename the autoexec INTEL.cfg to autoexec.cfg if you have a Intel CPU and rename the autoexec AMD.cfg to autoexec.cfg if you have a AMD CPU Also here are some launch options commands: -dxlevel 81 -heapsize 524288 -noforcemspeed -noforceparms -noforcemaccel these can really help you with a fps boost of like 50 fps (depends on what specs you got) Simply extract the files to your Steam map (The config.cfg isn't necessary) for example: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\dT's_Config\Counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg It is recommended that you have -dxlevel 81 in your launch options if your PC is running low on specs. Most occured problems: If your screen is going to 800*600 or 640*800 everytime when you start up your game, simply put -w width -h heigh. For example: -w 1280 -h 1024 in your launch options. There haven't been anymore problems this far. These were the results with a AMD Athlon 4000+, 1 Gb Ram, 512 MB Geforce 6800GS (Based on 2 maps): De_dust2 CT/T Spawn: 250-310 fps middle: 150-200 fps War: 150-200 fps De_nuke CT/T Spawn: 200-250 fps Outside: 150-175 fps war: 125-160 fps Contact by mail if you detect more problems:



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    - Easy for newbies
    - Majority of the options are good.


    - Not descrpitive enough with some settings
    - Missing some settings that could be used.
    - Incorrect cl_interp settings. (See notes)


    - Add better descriptions and calculations for certain options.


    - There is no such thing as an AMD or Intel specific config.
    - In recent updates to CSS using -dxlevel 81 can cause issues on certain modded servers. Use -dxlevel 90 instead if you play on these servers.
    - cl_interp_ratio should only be "1" when on LAN. Otherwise "2", also you should adjust cl_interp according to your PING. If your ping is 30, your lerp should be 25-35. Please adjust the settings accordingly.


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