FF v2.0 Update

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This patch will update your FF from 1.11 to v2.0. Change log attached.

GENERIC / Misc stuff: * Walls no longer apply friction to grenades, concmaps should be possible now! * Small auto-conc for HH concs when you dont jump * Frag grenade damage up to 145 (patch 1.0 was 180, patch 1.11 was 126). Radius the same. * Throwing the flag is now upwards slightly rather than skidding along the floor * Re-added recoil for some weapons (e.g. IC) * Suiciding no longer causes you to lose 100 fortress points * bhop now 1.20 up from 1.10 * Better intermission scoreboard/player handling * Made the currently held grenade timer bar more visible than the dropped ones * pyro scream time only triggers once every 1.7 seconds now * Added cl_reducedexplosions to help fps problems * Added a cvar for ragdoll lifetime * NEW!! assault cannon fire sound Visuals: * Grenades now have trails and halo's around them * Blue and yellow pipes now have trails * Player models have been tweaked to increase visibility * Grenade models have been tweaked to increase visibility * SG models have been tweaked to increase visibility * SG now throws out sparks when it's below 50% health * Flags now GLOW * Single Shotgun reload animation (thanks a084) * New IC model! * No more ugly background for build timers * New HUD security icons for shutdown style maps * Shotgun muzzle flash more visible * Many visuals now line up correctly in widescreen modes (damage indicators, Context menus etc) * New EMP effect * HUD health / armor no longer flashes red when you are hit. It'll only flash red when you are < 25% health to prevent confusion. (instead it flashes white when hit) * Grenade 2 timer up a bit so it's not so far down * New explosion scorch decal which doesnt make your whole base black. * 'on fire' hud HUD redness reduced a lot * Cvars for turning off targets + gren trails (also in options menu) * Teamcolour hud can now go back to normal again Bug fixes: * Grenade target timing bug ( * Medkit fix. Should be much easier to heal people with medkit and spanner now, as friendlies are lag predicted now. * Dispenser / SG health now displays properly on the HUD even if you are far away. * CL_CopyExistingEntity crash fixed at last (!!) * SG now tracks properly when built on a slope * Death by burning is no longer a suicide * Fixed LUA error causing security icons to disappear when players connected * Fix for spies being able to sabotage when they're dead * Demoman grenades hopefully dont bounce of people any more * Readded interpolation for projectiles * Put in a fix for grenade timers not showing up Class-specific changes: Scout: * Caltrops and radar have been removed. Instead they have a buildable jump pad on +attack2. Jumppad is invincible - det it by double right-tapping. You can only carry one, similar to a detpack. They last 60 seconds before auto-detting. Any team can use them. * Players can only use a jump pad once every second, so they dont get multiple triggers. * Max conc speed after using the jumppad * Reduced conc time for Scout down to Medic level * Scouts now don't take fall damage. Sniper: * Sniper rifle base damage has been reduced from 42 to 35 * Radiotag duration reduced from 60 to 15 seconds. * AR damage down from 7 to 5.5 Soldier: * RPG damage radius increased slightly (from 108 to 125). * RPG reload time decreased from 1.0 to 0.9 seconds. * Nail grens tweaked a lot. * Soldier special now quickswitches between shotgun and RPG. Demoman: * Blue pipe fuse timer dramatically decreased (from 2.5 to 1.1 seconds). Pipetrap explosion radius increased from 125 to 150. Medic: * Right click now discards medpacks for teammates to use (thanks mirv). These take 10 cells to use and the medic slowly recharges cells over time. Medpacks last 5 seconds before disappearing so the person you are throwing to has to pick them up soon (you can't leave a supply for your defenders for example) HWGuy: * New HW AC System! : Overheat removed (!), rof changed from 0.06-0.12 to 0.05-0.15. cof changed from 0.10-0.15 to 0.05-0.30. * New AC clamp system - hold right mouse to clamp, let go to unclamp. Also fires when you are clamping so you can hold right mouse to clamp + fire (you dont have to hold mouse1 and mouse2) Pyro: * IC base damage has come down (from 60 to 50). * Flamethrower damage increased to 16 from 13 * Flamethrower pushforce cap increased to 850 from 550. * Pyro special now quickswitches between flamethrower and IC. * Pyro vs Pyro now takes 100% damage up from 50% * Flamethrower uppush up to 110 from 50. Spy: * Spy now has a 'last disguise' option on the menu * knife damage up to 50 from 32. * Disguise time halved. Engineer: * SG health has come down to 113% from 120% of TFC level(ish). * SG bulletpush now works on the ground (thanks jiggs!). * SG air bulletpush reduced to 15 from 24 ALL CLASSES (except medic): * Melee weapons now do more damage. Crowbar + spanner up to 30 from 18. Knife up to 50 from 32. New functionality: * New splash screen to tell you about any updates to FF if you are playing an old version. * New options screen with a load more stuff on it. Map changes Epicenter: * New scoring system, capping flag results in that teams flag being reset back to cage, other team unaffected and can continue capturing. First to 3 captures wins and everyone resets. * Extended balcony area around cap point for additional SG position * Epicenter ammo bags now give a slight amount of health/armor (thanks gingerlord) * Epicenter 3-cap LUA system added, some various tweaks * Epicenter tweaks Crossover * VIS fixed, massive performance increase * Test middle area structure for additional route * Misc brush fixes * Crossover2: More obvious Capture Point, lasers in air lift.(thanks gingerlord) * Various crossover tweaks including a revamped midmap * Crossover tweaks Openfire * Revamped version of ff_openfire_b2, with better lighting, clipped lights, decent water, better flag-security system, custom teamcoloured security buttons and stuff Monkey * monkey is now Red vs Blue * monkey FPS vastly improved Well * Well front door buttons removed, walk up to it = it opens Dustbowl * Dustbowl now compiles properly, various visual fixes (gaps in ceilings etc) Dropdown * New, polished, bug-fixed version of the community map. Thanks Yann "Sh4x" Richer Waterpolo * New revamped version



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