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Ganon With Purple Trails

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Changed Folder Structure
  • Changed folder name from "gannon" to "ganon". Sorry for any confusion when installing. No need to redownload if everything works.
Although Ganon is the Lord of Darkness, he still uses lame white trails for his attacks. This mod seeks to fix that by adding purple trails and dark effects to some moves while being wifi safe.

Changes made include:
Forward air (trail and dark effects)
Up air (trail)
Down air (trail)
Back air (trail and dark effect)
Jab (dark effect)

I'm open to improving this mod.

All modpacks are fair game so long as credit is given.



  • 15d
    AlbertoTyp avatar
    AlbertoTyp Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    483 points Ranked 8883rd
    Since you're open to improving this, is there any way to make all white effects be purple? Stuff like the circle-y effects in these screenshots:

    I'm guessing that if it was possible you would've already done it but hey, thought I'd still ask haha


    i'm done playin
  • 24d
    Light66 avatar
    Light66 Offline
    Member Joined 9mo
    His name is actually spelled "Ganon" with one "n".
  • 25d
    pokenis avatar
    pokenis avatar Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    346 points Ranked 11685th
    Looks great! 
    And you are sure that it works for European version? 


    Clowns the competition
  • 25d
    AlbertoTyp avatar
    AlbertoTyp Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    483 points Ranked 8883rd
    The 3 you've done so far look great! Looking forward to updates and more of these :)

    Quick question if you don't mind me asking, would it be possible to do something similar to this for Mewtwo's tail moves, so when you add extra costume slots for Mewtwo there'd be a trail? Right now if you add a 9th costume for Mewtwo it doesn't look quite right with tail moves.


    i'm done playin
  • 25d
    This looks great! can't wait to see more!


  • 25d
    Dopex_G avatar
    Dopex_G Offline
    Member Joined 6mo
    386 points Ranked 10610th
    Yo these are clean af in game nice work.  may I request sonic with blue trails.  also if its no trouble can you make tutorial on how to do these.


  • 25d
    Ivan20XX avatar
    Ivan20XX Offline
    Member Joined 2mo
    227 points Ranked 15939th
    This looks pretty cool, fitting for a Lord of Darkness. HUE HUE HUE HUE


  • 25d
    If i can request something , could you make similar trails for Dark Pit please ?


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  • 25d
    Yah Boi avatar
    Member Joined 1y
    1,162 points Ranked 3912th
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    Awesome! I am so thankful that you have made this. May I ask for a trail that I really want?
    Yah Boi


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