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Wii Fit Trainer With Trails

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More trails
  • Dash attack trail added
  • All throw trails added
GFX Changes include:
Forward tilt
Up tilt
Down tilt
Forward smash
Up smash
Down smash
Forward aerial
Up aerial
Down aerial
Back aerial
Neutral aerial
Dash attack
Side special
Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw

Note that although there is a "sound.bin" file there were no changes to sound, just graphics

I noticed the the creators or SSB4 left Wii Fit Trainer seemingly unfinished (in more than one way). To keep this mod wifi-safe, only visual graphics are included to enhance her attacks aesthetics. I believe this is an important part of signifying where hitboxes occur as well since some people are taken by surprise by her up smash's vertical range (not horizontal)  and her forward tilt and aerial's backward range.

All modpacks are fair game so long as credit is given.



  • 17d
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    Nice, she looks complete now.

    Just curious but is switching costume specific trails possible?
    Just asking for R.O.B since I switched around the NES and Famicon colours but the trails are the only thing left to change.
  • 18d
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    I never understood why Wii Fit Trainer lacks trail effects. Maybe it was intentional to make her look like with more fluid movements?

    I don't think they left her unfinished, because she was the third newcomer to be announced after Mega Man.
  • 25d
    AlbertoTyp avatar
    AlbertoTyp Offline
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    Dash attack doesn't have a trail, and would probably look better with one
    i'm done playin
  • 27d
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    Kek Entertainment Kompany Flag
    Kek Entertainment Kompany
    Very well done!
  • 28d
    StarStormNess avatar
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    Lucas is another character in the game who lacks hit traces.

    You've already finished the mod, though I have other aesthetical effects such as his nair and fair.

    But I have already created hit traces for Lucas from my very first mod, but it was more based on the moveset mods frame data rather than the original frame data.

    The only thing I've been figuring out to fix is his Back-air hit trace since no other character in the game has a bair meteor smash. You probably at least found a way around the bair right?
    You should still upload it though since the traces are probably a lot cleaner than mines.
    It's gonna get a little weird
  • 28d
    Amazing work. Thanks!
  • 28d
    TheShiningAbsol avatar
    Member Joined 2mo
    189 points Ranked 18304th
    Wow, I actually never noticed her lacking this. And I call myself a Smash fan. Nice work though, looks clean.

    Can I ask, what are her other seemingly unfinished bits?


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