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Sage Robin

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Resistance is futile...

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Robin has now reclassed into the Sage class, the Sorcerer counterpart; this time wielding the Book of Naga, he now calls forth the power of galaxies.

The skin used in the demonstration is still in its final tests, it will be released soon, as well as the sword trails that can be seen in the video.

Check it in action here:



  • 29d
    Very nice mod , however the thunder tome when you load attacks ( arcthunder and thunder ) and the attacks themselves seems not visible enough imo . Same thing for the flames of the arcfire when they touch the floor.

    Otherwise , the sword trail is very good , same for elthunder and elwind effect ( the blue light )


  • 30d
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    I sincerely wish effects could be single slot or at least able to be altered separately for characters with multiple Robin.

    I'd use this and your Sorcerer one.
    ~ Team Mom ~
  • 30d
    reycoby1 avatar
    reycoby1 Offline
    Member Joined 9mo
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    Yey! Now I can do SOMETHING!

    O divine dragon of  light, heed my call and give me thy strength to smite my enemies.

    (O btw The Book of Naga doesn't give the power of galaxies. It gives the strength of Naga. I'm a huge FE nerd lol)
    Stll good job!
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  • 30d
    Cyclone_X avatar
    Cyclone_X Offline
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    Oh gosh this is really good... NOW I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH TO USE >~<
  • 30d
    AQUAMARINE avatar
    AQUAMARINE Offline
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    171 points Ranked 19439th
    This looks great! I really like your effects. Unfortunately, I can't download since I already have your Sorcerer Robin, which is also cool!



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