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Space ship interior

A MiP by koijotito


Maps in Progress are unfinished maps you can finish, improve or learn from.


A MiP by The sOt^

Avenger FireHawk

A WiP by DarkElfa


Works in Progress are unfinished mods - their authors are looking to get your feedback.

L22A2 WIP 3

A WiP by Darthfaceman

Aug A3

A Model by DeadPixel


Models are 3D meshes that you can use in your mods.

Cobray M11/9 Anims by WB

A Model by -WildBill-

Beautiful Letters

A Prefab by Chrazini


Prefabs are models and brushes you can use in your maps.


A Prefab by Ryan

Distance Fading Sprays

A Tutorial by Reag


Tutorials are guides and howtos on a wide range of development topics.

Installing Maps

A Tutorial by natko

The beast

A Concept by Klint


Concepts are sketches and drawings of unrealized mods and maps.

Payload Oz theme concept

A Concept by Squeezit

HQ CS:GO Textures

A Texture by Hemingway


Textures are seamless images you can use in your models and maps.

HD Assault

A Texture by Radu

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