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"Huacaya" Attack Helicopter

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Campaign legal helicopter with pitch, yaw, power control. Rapid-fire double fireball cannon, 8 missiles, 2x6 Cannon turrets. Easily Reconfigurable

"Huacaya" Attack Helicopter
Campaign Legal!
"Huacaya" is based on my easily reconfigurable "Alpacalypse" helicopter chassis. I am adding an alternative configuration at the bottom to display an example of customizability, as well as a stripped-down version for those who are interested in making a variant. The chassis offers a high level of power, durability, space, in a compact form that fits the build box.

Primary, "Huacaya" Build:

Main gun shoots 2 fireballs at once, with one-click rapid reload.
8 explosive missiles, fired in pairs or all at once.
2x6 Cannon Arrays on 2 axis turrets

How To Use:

([brackets] mean numpad)
(press Z+C at start to toggle some springs)

- Hold [0] and [1] at start to takeoff.
- [0], [1]. [.], [2] control altitude.
- num[1]: Light lift
- num[2]: Reverse light lift
- num[0]: Heavy lift
- num[.]: Reverse heavy lift
- num[1]+num[0]: Full lift

Use pitch control to tip chopper in the direction of desired travel. Remember you need more power to maintain level altitude when pitched. Use yaw to change direction chopper is facing.
- num[8]: Pitch down
- num[5]; Pitch up
- num[4]: Pitch left
- num[6]: Pitch right
- num[7]: Yaw left
- num[9]: Yaw right

Main Gun:
Press and hold L to fire For beginner use, hold L until shuttle stops moving. (For rapid fire, hold L until shuttle reenters barrel, then tap L to slow shuttle to quickly let it come to a rest near rear of gun.) Briefly hold H to reload, Repeat!

In order to make the reloading system gravity independent, a slider is now available to advance the additional rounds. Before reloading first pair of fireballs, press 1. To reload next pair, press 1+2 to toggle off position one, and toggle on position 2. 2+3 for the subsequent pair, etc. until 6+7


Press and hold E,R,T,Y respectively to fire a pair of missiles each. If firing one pair at a time, use the above order. You can also fire all at once.

Cannon turrets:

Cannonballs forwards, spent cannons ejected backwards, don't face either at the helicopter =)
- Left turret: Up, Down, Left, Right arrows to rotate turret. right shift key to fire
- Right turret: [/]. [*] to rotate left/right, [-].[+] to aim up and down. [enter] to fire. (all on numpad)

Alternative Configuration: "Alpacalypse" -Wooly Edition

_Weapons and Features:

- 2 Long Range Ballista
- 16 Unlimited Range Missiles
- 24 Bombs
- 8 Wheels o' Fire
- Squeezes into campaign build box!
- Stable, maneuverable, easy to fly
- 8 rotors for Clarkson-approved power
- Sturdy, Impact resistant design
- Variable Rotor Speeds for powerful pitch control, and altitude control
-Cargo Hook
-All missions capable!

How to Use:

Right hand uses 4-9 on the numpad to control flight, period and 1 through 3 on numpad for power control. See control section

Left hand uses 3-10, e-o, f-l, v-m for weapons and misc. See control section

**Hold num[0] and num[1] at start to take off, or you will impact ground and explode**

Standard Helicopter Flying, Pitch down towards the direction of desired flight, power controls for up and down. Using max power with missiles still attached occasionally damages missiles.

Weapon Fire Order (Important!):

-Wheels of Fire must drop before bombs, which must drop before ballista use
-Recommend firing missiles in 3-0 order
-Dont drop < and > bombs before n and m


Missiles on 3 to 0, Press and hold respective key (keep holding!). After firing missiles 3, 4, 8, 9 press e, r, i, o respectively to drop de-couplers. (allows use of bottom missiles)

Adjust rear ballast weight in build screen to choose trajectory.

Bombs, four racks, drop: n,m,<,>
Don't drop < and > before n and m respectively, you can release all at once.

Johnny Cash's Wheels of Fire:
Rack 1- v: drop, f: immolate
Rack 2- b: drop, g: immolate

Ballista 1+2:
1: Launch: j grabber: h
2: Launch: l grabber: k
Press and hold launch key. When shuttle reaches front of chopper, release launch key, press grabber key.
After shuttle comes to rest, can be used as cargo hook

Controls Reference:

num[8]: Pitch down
num[5]; Pitch up
num[4]: Pitch left
num[6]: Pitch right
num[7]: Yaw left
num[8]: Yaw right
num[1]: Light lift
num[2]: Reverse light lift
num[0]: Heavy lift
num[.]: Reverse heavy lift
num[1]+num[0]: Alpaca lift!

3-10: Missiles e,r,i,o: Missile Couplers
n,m, <, >: Bombs
v,b: Drop Wheels of Fire
f,g: Immolate Wheels
j,l: Launch ballista
h,k; Release ballista payload_

Naked Chassis:

The stripped down chassis has the power and space to carry just about any weapon that is build box sized. Example here is just 4 grabbers on the chassis for carrying stuff, and would be a good starting point for anyone wanting to use just the chassis.



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