HL1/2 Short But Sweet Winners

Entry Judgement
A Venetian Welcome 1st Place
Being Imprisoned in Venice is the least of your worries... Gordon attempts his escape from the dark prisons, as he travels a brief part of the Italian city, and attempts to escape the heavily guarded combine outpost. Wake up Dr. Freeman.
Diversion 2nd Place
Create a diversion. Easy. Get out alive? That's a different kettle of fish. For me, this was one of the best non-valve maps I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Only just loosing to Church due it's lack of detail, the main appeal for this map was it's crossbow sniping as you watched over your rebel allies. It was short, and it was sweet!
Facade 3rd Place (Tie)
Facade left the judges with an odd of accomplishment, mostly for it's bizarre design choices and random puzzles.
Hectic-A short map 3rd Place (Tie)
The reactor has gone critical. You need to shut it down and save the life of thousands. It left the judges with an odd of accomplishment, mostly for it's poignant message of sacrificing the player's life.
About this module
This module lists prizes up for grabs.


1st Prize:
5000 Points + First pick of the games

2nd Prize:
2500 Points + Second pick of the games

3rd Prize:
1000 Points + Third pick of the games

100 points each