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Treasure Hunter Winners

Ha Long Treasures 1st Place
A superb map that began creation only halfway through the contest. Inspired by HL2 EP2, Tomb Raider and Dear Esther, K7-Avenger displayed extraordinary talent with custom created assets and complex displacements to deliver a map with an amazing level of detail and a perfect "treasure hunter" atmosphere. Congratulations K7-Avenger - we hope to see more from you soon!
mg_serpentis_temple_b3 2nd Place
An original, fun and complex environment full of puzzles and a surprising end! The map comprises loads of complex brushwork and entity manipulation, as well as masterful texture and lighting choices throughout. While there may be a few glitches this is unsurprising given the complexity and scope of the project - and don't let that turn you away as this map has to be played with friends and teamwork to be truly appreciated!
pl_jordan_canyon_final 3rd Place (Tie)
An Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade inspired map centered upon the ancient City of Pietra, faithfully reproduced with beautiful spawns, large cliff displacements and other clever details
bg_forgotten_v1_2_0 3rd Place (Tie)
Features an Aztec inspired temple, packed with atmospheric fog and lighting, caves and dense vegetation
koth_diabolical 4th Place (Tie)
Boasts remarkable geometry and symmetry throughout, with masterfully crafted spiral stairs and lighting choices.
ctf_crypt_rc1 4th Place (Tie)
A great addition to any TF2 server's CTF maplist, with some great visuals, fun traps and a nice back story


1st Prize:
$80 STEAM store credit + 3x Ripe1
2nd Prize:
$40 STEAM store credit + 2x Ripe1
3rd Prize:
$20 STEAM store credit + Ripe1