Chao over Bowser Jr.

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Title and picture says it all, but I still want to explain my thought process.

This was originally a wip I was working on but I've long since given it up since I cant find the time and am too novice to complete this the way I envisioned it. After seeing seth bones dark/hero/normal Chao over Kirby I felt the need to share this concept.

So I present to you, Chao for Bowser Jr. (Specifially the bone set of Larry since you might could use his hair bone for the Chao ball). Bowser Jr. in my opinion is the most realizable character choice for Chao because you can take inspiration from the Chao Walkers, and Chao/B.Jr are similar in scale. Plus you can replace all of B.Jrs attacks with fun things. I've already made Omochao over Mechakoopa in preparation for this mod, but like I've said, I'll probably never get around to it.

So what do you think? Yay or Nay? Should I suck it up and try to work hard on this? Or are you a capable modder that would like to volunteer to make this happen?


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    Well sadly I found out today that my Wii U got updated to 5.5.2 without me realizing it. I didn't know that at the time I made this post. So doing it myself is now completely out of the question...
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    I say suck it up. More experience never hurt anyone. I do really like the idea, but I wonder if the Chao would look fine on the Bowser Jr skeleton though.
    Feel free to ask for help.
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    I approve this notion. Carry on.
    Dapper Young Chao
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    honestly not a bad idea. I would love to give this a try
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    I can put anything here?!
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    Looks really good but I dont know if removing the mouth will work since some moves use it.
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    What a hoot!


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