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We eradicated a few bugs today, as well as closed a lot of old redundant reports. Thanks all who contribute to the bugs section and also follow up on and confirm others' reports. It's really helpful for me. One day, the Banana may be completely Bug Free and live in perfect harmony.

In other news, we've restocked STRIDER on BananaExchange (and increased it to 900 points) and added CASE: Animatronics at 1500 points. It looks scuury so be careful.


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    Nice, thank you! BTW I love the new 'news feed' box at the top-right on the mainpage. It allows to see where stuff has been posted even if you aren't specifically watching those pages.

    Would it be possible to enable and option (or have it perhaps as an unlock) to have this activity feed on at all times, so even when not browsing the mainpage?
    Level Design, Modeler, YouTube avatar
    Level Design, Modeler, YouTube
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    • 1st Place - Halloween Skinning Contest 2014 Medal icon
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    "One day, the Banana may be completely Bug Free and live in perfect harmony. "
    - Beauty pageant contestant Tom


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