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Well that got fixed faster than expected.

Well I got the new HDD for my PC, loading a slightly different version of windows, and currently trying to put all the crap I backed up back into this one.

I can see few people missed me, that was to be expected, I figured I'd be out of commission for at least a month but I happened to order my parts from somewhere closer than I expected. Never had a hard drive crap out on me before, didn't know what to expect really.

Thing is, now I have a fresh slate basically. I was unable to make a backup disk of my version of Windows 7 because my harddrive was too damaged (literally only the read/write head on it was critically worn out) it feels alien to be using this PC without all the customization I've done to it over the past 7 years. All that time clicking "cancel" on "Would you like to create a backup disk?" thinking I'd never need it... phooie.

Still gonna keep the  old harddrive, just in case. Call it paranoia if you want.

Now I just have to wait for 560GB to finish transferring from the external backup harddrive...



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