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I have an overwhelming amount of skins/sprites/sounds. To the point that it scares me.
Most of this information is not even in GB, So I'm going to upload almost everything I have to GB
Many of these skins are old and are difficult to get a copy, In fact some of them had installers of dubious origin, So I had to remove them to avoid problems.

This has a consequence, I have to take screenshots to each skin to make it presentable and I'm going to waste a lot of time, I hope with that to solve the problems with the amount of memory used in my old computer

And if you ask what games are here is the list.
  • Half-Life (Discounting possible duplications around 500 skins)
  • Sven-Coop (Do you remember my wips? he came back! In the form of sven coop skins)
  • Counter-stike (Oldies)
  • TFC (Unpublished content)
  • Bumpers cars (Someone remembers this mod?)
  • Ricochet
  • FoFix (Almost 6 GB in songs and GUIs)
  • GTA vice city (Cars)
  • GTA 3 (More Cars)
  • GTA san andreas (Guess what, cars!)
  • HL Rally (CARS)
  • SSB (Please no comments saying "traitor")
  • OSU!
  • MUGEN (obviously)

I just hope I do not leave any game behind.



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